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FM93.1 #Taipei Invites You to Try out Taipei’s Bib Gourmand Night Market Street Foods

News release, Department of Information and Tourism
By: Taipei Broadcasting Station
On: June 13, 2019
Contact: Lu Ya-sheng
Tel.: 02-2595-1233 ext. 23
FM93.1 #Taipei Invites You to Try out Taipei’s Bib Gourmand Night Market Street Foods
Writer Shu Kuo-chih once said, “Taipei’s great eats have come from its great people.” So where could we find these great Taipei eats made by its friendly people? Starting June, Taipei Broadcasting station FM93.1 and YouTube Channel – “臺北電臺93.1” (Taipei Broadcasting Station 931) are bringing audiences the “#Taipei” – Delicious Without Limits program every Friday at noon. Food critic C.c.Foodie is taking us to taste all Taipei night market street foods listed in the 2019 Michelin Guide’s Bib Gourmand. 
Bib Gourmand has been known as “affordable Michelin”. In addition to introducing the 24 Bib Gourmand street food establishments at night markets in Taipei, C.c.Foodie will also be sharing his personal favorites in the program.
C.c.Foodie spoke highly of this year’s Bib Gourmand list, which has brought spotlights and recognitions to many of Taipei’s hidden, unattractive, yet flavorful street foods. For example, Hsiao Wang Steamed Minced Pork with Pickles in Broth at Huaxi Street Night Market is exactly situated in an alley at the very end of Huaxi Street. Cabbage Rice and Pork Rib Soup at Yanping N. Rd. Sec. 3 Night Market offers food that appears simple but gives the most original flavors of the ingredients; they are like the dishes moms would prepare for their children. C.c.Foodie pointed out that the aroma of scallion and oil, along with the tenacity and crispiness of the pancake that one finds from Hsiung Chi Scallion Pancake at Gongguan Night Market all come from the dedicated handmade process carried out by the husband and wife boss couple.
Being a professional gourmet, C.c.Foodie also highly recommended his way to enjoy Lan Chia GuaBao with program host Lydia Chen after his own experience – which is to choose half-fat-half-lean braised pork to be stuffed in the soft bun and add in more peanut powder and coriander. Take a big bite while it’s still hot and you will taste the aromatic and savoury braised pork perfectly integrating with the fragrant and sweet peanut powder – complement the bun with a bowl of four-herbal soup and you’ll have a perfect meal. Lydia humorously pointed out that this “Chinese burger” sprinkled with peanut powder is very similar to an American style burger smeared with peanut butter. C.c.Foodie also agreed that these two dishes do share a resemblance.
Many of the Bib Gourmand night market street food establishments have already been in business for several decades in Taipei. C.c.Foodie joked with program host Lydia that many of the eateries are even older than she is.  C.c.Foodie felt especially emotionally connected to the three-generation Shih Chia Big Rice Ball that had been in his childhood neighborhood; his grandmother also loved this eatery dearly. When he was young and wanted to ask for some allowance from his grandmother, he would always remember to buy a bowl of tangyuan to curry favor with his grandmother. C.c.Foodie also reminded everyone to go early for Da-Qiao-Tou Tube Rice Pudding as the rice pudding has been traditionally served as breakfast in Central and Southern Taiwan; the eatery opens at 6am and will close as early as 6pm. The rich breakfast combo of rice pudding and surf & turf soup (oyster and pork liver) shows precisely the food culture during Taiwan’s labor-intensive era in the past.
During this Friday’s (June 14) program, food critic C.c.Foodie and program host Lydia Chen will continue taking us to Raohe Night Market and Linjiang Street Night Market near Taipei 101 to search for other Michelin’s Bib Gourmand stalls.
Besides sharing information on appetizing food, the #Taipei program, which is broadcasted on FM93.1 every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday at noon and hosted by 53rd Broadcast Golden Bell Awards nominee Lydia Chen, will also invite three experts as cohosts –
Monday Art and New Energy (cohosting with papercut artist JoHan Cheng);
Tuesday“臺北真滋味” (Real Taipei Flavors) (cohosting with food critic C.c.Foodie);
Thursday Tianya Is My Line (cohosting with tourism export expert Michael Wu); and
Friday Delicious Without Limits (cohosting with food critic C.c.Foodie).
Audiences are invited to join the program and learn more about Taipei through arts, culture, reading, travel, and gourmet food. Please feel free to download the“愛臺北” (Love Taipei) app on your phone and click on“臺北廣播電臺” (Taipei Broadcasting Station) to listen to our program. Audiences can also enjoy broadcasted programs via the Station’s official website, app, or YouTube Channel – “臺北電臺93.1” (Taipei Broadcasting Station 931).
●Listen online at: http://goo.gl/jiMvQ3
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●Youtube channel: http://t.cn/AiCReFom
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