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Taipei Broadcasting Station and writer Yang Zhao work together to guide you through key moments of East Asian history

For the first time, Taipei Broadcasting Station (TBS) has teamed up with Hong’s Foundation for Education & Culture to launch a brand-new program, “The Key Moment of East Asian History,” inviting well-known author and literary critic Yang Zhao as the host and with East Asian history as the framework, recounting the shock Western Imperialism brought to the East Asian region and its lasting impact on the entire Asian situation since the 19th century. From today (March 24) to September 1 every Sunday from 3 pm to 4 pm, all important moments in the development of East Asia are on FM93.1.
TBS has long been committed to promoting humanities education. The Director Tina T. M. Chen stated that since last year, she has been broadcasting “Taipei Fun Reading,” “His Books,” and “Reading Time” to promote the national reading movement. This year, with Hong’s Foundation for Education & Culture cooperating in the production of humanistic historical types of programs, it is hoped that the audience can not only understand the past and present state of the East Asian situation, but can also learn from history, and cultivate critical thinking through review of the materials presented.
This “The Key Moment of East Asian History” will implement the concept of active reading promoted in the “His Books” program, leading the audience into history by letting it escape the rigid frame of text. Host Yang Zhao examined the development of Asian history and took the 19th century Chinese Opium War as the start of the turning point. He believed that the attitude and choices China, Japan and South Korea took when faced with the Western imperialist invasion, and the three countries’ constant rivalry with each other, has a far-reaching impact on the distribution of power in Asia in its later days. Therefore, when referring to Asian history, it naturally cannot be summarized by the history of China or Japan, but should be viewed as the history of all East Asia.
In today's first episode, host Yang Zhao will talk about the key moments in Japan's rise to power. From the end of the Sakoku to the Taisei Houkan, how did historical figures such as Sakamoto Ryoma and Nakaoka Shintaro propel history forward? Don’t miss it, interested audience and friends! You are welcome to use the “iTaipei” app to tune in online and search for the “Taipei Broadcasting Station 931” Youtube channel to tune into “The Key Moment of East Asian History” at 3 pm every Sunday. Missed programs can be found on the official website or mobile phone, where audiences can tune in to program content from the last 60 days!
  ●Tune in online: https://goo.gl/u1YW6D
  ●Youtube channel “Taipei Broadcasting Station 931”: https://reurl.cc/2Y7V9
  ●Live stream (computer version): http://www.radio.gov.taipei/
Taipei Broadcasting Station FM93.1, AM1134
Program Information: “The Key Moment of East Asian History”
Host: Yang Zhao
Broadcast time: March 24 to September 1 every Sunday from 3pm to 4pm
Taipei Broadcasting Station FM 93.1 City Info Channel, AM 1134 Ho Hi Yan channel, affiliated with the Taipei City Government’s Department of Information and Tourism, the first public radio station operated by the local government in Taiwan.