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Results of "Implementing the Taipei City Government Retired Civil Servants and Teachers Manpower Utilization Policy" in 2020

In order to utilize the accumulated experience or expertise of retired civil servants and teachers, the city government commissions or hires retirees to participate in work to help the initiatives promotion of various agencies. The jobs will mostly be part-time and temporary (such as review committee members, acting or substitute teachers), and also take care of retirees’ rights to the monthly pension. The Department of Personnel also establishes a “Manpower Inquiry ” platform for retirees to query for positions, so that the retiree workforce can be revitalized to facilitate experience transfer.
     In 2020 ,the results totaled 30,907 person-times (10,366 person-times of the Taipei City government retired civil servants and teachers, 2,717 person-times of other government retirees , and 17,824 person-times of the general public).