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Taipei City Government to Accept Applications for Data Utilization in Research Reports Award Starting July 1, 2024

In accordance with the "Guidelines for Taipei City Government's Operation Directions Governing Incentive Rewards for Research Using Open Data" (referred to as the Guidelines), applications will be accepted from July 1 to July 31. This award is in-tended for any individual researcher or group who utilized the Taipei City Government’s (TCG) data to conduct research. City government employees are not eligible to apply for this award.


The usage scope of TCG data includes any data from its open platforms, public data from any TCG department website or data obtained legally by applying for permission from a TCG department. Applicants (individual or group) must send an application by mail (with a postage mark) or deliver the application personally to the Research Development and Evaluation Commission (RDEC). The submitted research report must have been published between July 1, 2023 and June 30, 2024.


For more details about authorization for a research report select-ed for the award, please see Point 12 of the Guidelines. More in-formation is available in the attached document. For questions regarding applications, please contact Ms. Lin at the RDEC Infor-mation Services Division.

(02)2720-8889, Ext. 7786