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2024 Joint Civil-Military Air-Raid exercise(No.47 Wan An Exercise)

Air-Raid exercise will take place from July 22 to 25 islandwide. Early warning systems and regional procedures in response to air defense readiness will be validated.

When the air-raid alarm sounds (or all citizen receives mobile phone warning messages is recived), all citizens shall follow the guidance of  the police and civil defense staff to conduct evacuation to the closest shelters locations.

Siren sounds indicate the start of the drill:

The siren sounds a 15-second high-tone followed by a 5-second low-tone with three cycles for 115 seconds in total.

Siren sounds will end:

A 90-second high-tone.

Anyone violates the rules and regulations of the drill will be fined between NTD $30,000 and NTD $150,000 according to the Civil Defense Act.