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Department of Civil Affairs, Taipei City Government Press Release-Unlocking Love Credits: What Schools Never Taught, Now is Your Chance to Learn! Taipei’s Department of Civil Affairs Holds First Ever Relationship Workshop Registration Starts on Jan 22, Don’t Miss Out!

Many find themselves pondering questions like, “Why do I struggle to connect with others?” “Why do I always seem to attract the wrong partners?”, “Why do I always feel insecure in my relationships?”. Many individuals encounter numerous confusing and unresolved issues in the process of seeking partners or navigating romantic relationships. These uncertainties often stem from a lack of understanding in interpersonal dynamics and intimacy management, leaving individuals feeling unsure of how to seek help.

Responding to the increasing trend of late marriage and the growing population of unmarried and single individuals, the Department of Civil Affairs of the Taipei City Government is not only actively organizing singles' social events but also, for the first time this year, targeting single individuals with the concept of preparatory workshops. Led by a professional team, the workshop adopts the concept of a preparatory course, offering participants a comprehensive curriculum designed to empower them with the skills they need. Led by a team of seasoned professionals, attendees will embark on a journey of self-discovery, gaining insights into building and nurturing meaningful relationships. From positive emotional expression to effective communication strategies, participants will acquire the essential "love credits" overlooked by traditional education systems. Furthermore, the workshop serves as a platform for interaction and networking, fostering a supportive community where participants can engage with kindred spirits, potentially finding compatible life partners who share similar values and interests.

This Relationship Workshop series consists of a total of 5 sessions, encompassing themes such as self-exploration, interpersonal interactions, exploration of the diverse dimensions of love, emotional interactions, and relationship building. Through a combination of craft making experiences, movie appreciation, and tabletop games, the sessions foster interactive exchanges among participants. Our aim is for each participant to depart from the workshop with a profound sense of achievement and personal growth. If you're still feeling lost when it comes to love, or if you find yourself continually frustrated in the process of meeting potential partners, give yourself a chance to participate in the workshop. It's an opportunity to relearn the basics of love, examine the blind spots in your own perspective on relationships, and prepare yourself for the next chapter in your romantic journey. The 1st workshop is scheduled to commence at 10:00 AM on January 22nd. Registration is currently available through an online form. For specific details regarding registration times for each session and additional information, please consult the brochure or visit the Department of Civil Affairs website, accessible through the Marriage and Population section (https://ca.gov.taipei/). We warmly encourage singles who are intrigued to seize this exceptional opportunity and enroll today!




2024 Taipei City Department of Civil Affairs Relationship Workshop Brochure


In recent years, universities have taken proactive steps to promote relationship education by incorporating it as a mandatory credit for university students. However, despite these efforts, many singles who are of marriageable age often find themselves lacking education and experience in crucial areas such as interpersonal interactions, navigating intimate relationships, and planning for future family life. This gap persists from their academic years through their transition into the workforce. Through a Relationship Workshop, single individuals will be guided by a professional team to embark on a journey of self-discovery, understand the establishment and cultivation of intimate relationships, and learn appropriate emotional expression and positive interaction. This workshop offers the opportunity to relearn the "love credits" that traditional education has overlooked, allowing participants to engage in meaningful exchanges with fellow attendees during the sessions. Beyond networking events, the workshop provides diverse avenues for meeting new friends and seeking life partners of kindred spirits.

2.Sponsor: Department of Civil Affairs, Taipei City Government

3.Co-organizer: Taipei City Youth Development and Family Education Center

4.Organizer: ChickenSoup Family Life Education

5.Target Participants: Single citizens aged 25-45 residing, studying, or employed in Taipei City.

6.Workshop Details:

(1).Duration: From March 9, 2024 to April 28, 2024

(2).Number of Sessions and Participants:

     1.Total of 5 sessions (1 session per period), with 50 participants per session, totaling 250 participants.

     2. Equal gender distribution with 25 male and 25 female participants per session.

     3. Each session lasts for 3 hours.

(3).Workshop content focuses on self-exploration, diverse aspects of love, emotional interaction and communication, relationship establishment and management, including group discussion time.

(4).Location: 6th floor conference room, Taipei City Youth Development and Family Education Center (No. 17, Section 1, Ren'ai Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City).


(5).Details regarding workshop themes, session times, and registration periods are provided in the table below:


Session Theme



Registration Period

(Registration opens at 10:00am)

Confirmed participants

(Announcement made at 10:00am)


"Who is My Ideal Partner?"
 — Becoming Your Own Love Analyst


3/9 (Sat)


1/22 (Mon)-

1/31 (Wed)

2/7 (Wed)


"Sense of Security Lies Within Me!"
 — Moss Ball Therapy Workshop for Healing the Heart

Interpersonal Interaction

3/17 (Sun)


2/15 (Thur)-

2/24 (Sat)

3/1 (Fri)


"Is Your Love Really Yours?"
 — Welcome to the Relationship Cinema

The Many Aspects of Love

3/30 (Sat)


2/15 (Thur)-

2/24 (Sat)

3/1 (Fri)


"Love Multiplied: The Power of Doing It Right!"
 — DIY Aroma Stone Workshop to Magnify Affection

Emotional Interaction and Communication

4/14 (Sun)


3/11 (Mon)-

3/20 (Wed)

3/27 (Wed)


"Journeying Through the Inner World!"
 — Explore the Hidden Realms with Intriguing Board Games

Relationship Establishment and Management

4/28 (Sun)


3/28 (Thur)-

4/6 (Sat)

4/12 (Fri)

6.Eligibility and Registration:

(1).The workshop is open to all single citizens aged 25-45 who reside, study, or work in Taipei City.

(2).Each participant may only attend one session and cannot repeat participation.

(3).Registration is held online. During the registration period, participants should fill out the registration form via the provided links for each session (see attached document for registration form details and session-specific registration links).

(4).After the registration deadline, the organizer will review applications. Each session will accept 25 male and 25 female participants, with an additional 10 on the waiting list. Selected participants will be notified by the organizer.

(5).Fee: Free of charge


(1).Selected participants unable to attend must inform the organizer at least 5 working days before the event to facilitate processing for waitlisted candidates to participate. Failure to attend without prior notification will be considered as participation, and the participant will be ineligible for future sessions.

(2).Participants must bring their ID cards for identity verification on the day of the event.

(3).Participants found to have provided false information, or to have impersonated others through forgery, alteration, or other deceitful means, will have their participation immediately revoked upon substantiated discovery by the organizer or reports by others.

(4).The organizer reserves the right to modify, change, or suspend the event. Any unresolved issues will be handled according to the organizer's regulations or interpretations, with supplementary announcements as deemed necessary.

(5).In the event of natural disasters such as typhoons or earthquakes, or other force majeure events leading to the cancellation of the event, participants will be notified of rescheduling. If rescheduling is not possible, the organizer will announce the cancellation.

(6).For inquiries regarding the event or registration, please contact Taipei City Government Department of Civil Affairs at (02)2720-8889 ext. 1906 (Ms. Fan or Ms. Huang).
 Selected participants with questions about participation may contact ChickenSoup Family Life Education at 0971-237-686 (Ms. Hsiao) or email info@chickensoupfamily.com.