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2024 TAIPEI SUMMER FESTIVAL Kicks Off on 7/17! 4 Themed Fireworks Shows + 5 Music Performances for a Summer of Fun

The most iconic summer event in Taiwan, the "2024 TAIPEI SUMMER FESTIVAL," will take place from July 17 to August 10 at Dadaocheng Wharf (Yanping Riverside Park, Water Gate No. 3-5). The Taipei City Government Department of Information and Tourism announced that this year's festival will feature three themed fireworks shows and one 480-second Valentine's Day fireworks show, along with five music performances. The riverside will be illuminated with decorative lighting, showcasing the unique charm of Taipei on midsummer nights. Domestic and international visitors are invited to mark their calendars and join friends and family in Taipei for a summer of fun!

The Department of Information and Tourism stated that the "2024 TAIPEI SUMMER FESTIVAL" will host popular singers for performances on July 17, July 24, and July 31, with 300-second fireworks displays at 8 PM each night, lighting up Taipei's riverside. The final event on August 10, which coincides with Chinese Valentine's Day, will feature a 480-second fireworks display, accompanied by multiple artists performing on the main stage to celebrate a romantic and passionate Valentine's Day. Additionally, on August 3, the "Classic Love Songs Concert" and the "Dadaocheng Commercial District Exclusive Cultural and Creative Market" will be held at Yongle Plaza in Dadaocheng, offering a series of exciting activities not to be missed.

The Department further mentioned that during the festival period (July 17 to August 10), over 500 meters of decorative lighting and art installations will be set up along the Dadaocheng Wharf riverside (between Water Gates No. 4-5), illuminating the riverside park. Visitors can enjoy the lights and take photos while strolling along the waterfront, creating the most chill memories of the summer.

The Department also emphasized that to address the traffic impact caused by the fireworks displays, they have coordinated with transportation and police authorities during the initial planning stages to shorten the event duration and reduce the number of weekday fireworks displays, aiming to minimize the inconvenience of traffic control.

The Department added that large crowds are expected, and they encourage the public to use public transportation to get to the event and to stay informed about traffic control information on event days. More exciting activities will be announced, and visitors can check the latest event information on the official website of the 2024 TAIPEI SUMMER FESTIVAL (https://taipeisummer.travel.taipei/) or follow the Taipei Travel Facebook page.