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Brief Introduction

Taipei City Baseball Team Photo

 Chinese Taipei had suffered from a great defeat in 2008 Beijing Summer Olympic and 2009 World baseball classic. In addition with another lost to China baseball consecutively. The citizen in Taiwan can't accept this fact as Taiwan always regarded as the baseball nation. In the end, People start to urge the government to improve Taiwan's baseball development plan. At that time, the president of the Executive Yuan has encouraged every country, city government or large enterprise to form their own baseball team in order to enhance baseball culture.

 Taipei city government took the lead in creating a baseball team first. The Taipei baseball team was formed in March, 11, 2009. The current team members are 1 head coach, 3 assist coach, 1 strength and conditioning coach, 1 athletic trainer, 1 trainer, 1 escort administrator, 1 administrator and 29 players. Total 38 members.


  1. To cultivate outstanding young baseball player
  2. To participate in various competitions domestically and internationally
  3. To promote Taipei fundamental baseball culture
  4. To cooperate marketing Taipei health city image