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NO.TitlePublish Date
1New Construction Office’s 3 Projects Win 31st Architectural Golden Stone Award2023-10-04
2Employee Assistance Program2023-10-02
3Taipei Senior Easycard / Charity EasyCard Points Available for Taking Taiwan Railway Trains From July 12023-09-26
4Taipei City Launches the Maternity Taxi Service: Highest Subsidy Amount Nationwide, Convenient and Thoughtful Application Process, Longest Grant Validity Period, and Most Electronically Done Subsidy Model2023-09-26
5Adjustment of Assistive Device Subsidy Policy in Taipei City: The Assistive Technology Centers are now in charge of the Full Compensatory Advance Payment of Long-Term Care Assistive Device Subsidy , and the Integration of Disabled Assistive Device Subsidy and Reimbursement2023-09-26
6“Children and Youths’ Safety Shall not be Neglected, and a Happy City Shall be Guarded by Us All” - Taipei City Center for Prevention of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Publishes Guidelines for Infant and Child Fall Accident Prevention2023-09-26
7Taipei City Launches a Sexual Harassment Prevention Service Hotline to Provide Professional Consultation for the Public2023-09-26
8Creation of a New Inclusive Generation for the Old and the Young - the Opening of Wanhe Children and Community Service Center2023-09-26
9Salary Adjustment Plan for the Privately-Operated Public Infant Daycare Centers Launched Immediately -- the Starting Salary of Nursery Staff can Reach up to 38,000 NTD2023-09-26
10Has your pet been spayed/neutered? The Taipei City Dog and Cat Spaying/Neutering Subsidy is still available.2023-09-26
11Ensuring a safe Mid-Autumn barbecue: proper usage is key2023-09-26
12MRT Wanda Line Phase II Puts BIM Integration Technology to Good Use to Overcome Difficulties in the Construction2023-09-23
13Taipei City Fire Department's "5G Transmission-Immediate Rescue" Wins Special Award for Creative Proposal from City Government2023-09-22
14Safety City, You and Me Enjoy The Community Disaster Preparedness Carnival2023-09-22
15Stay Safe During an Earthquake, Video 119 App Ensures Your Safety. The Wanhua District Community Disaster Prevention Event2023-09-21
16Retention Schedule for Personal Data and Case Information Regarding the Petitions & Dispatches Taipei City Government Received2023-09-15
172023 National Disaster Prevention Day Event2023-09-14
18Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with Joy and Embrace Enjoy The Community Disaster Preparedness Carnival2023-09-14
19The 809th meeting of Taipei Urban Planning Commission will be held on Sep 21, 20232023-09-14
201999 Taipei Citizen Hotline Service Website Will be Down for Maintenance2023-09-14