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NO.TitlePublish Date
1Taipei City Government to Accept Applications for Data Utilization in Research Reports Award Starting July 1, 20242024-06-14
2 Dome Theater is out of service from June 3rd to 28th.2024-06-14
3Cosmic Adventure annual maintenance2024-06-14
42024 TAIPEI SUMMER FESTIVAL Kicks Off on 7/17! 4 Themed Fireworks Shows + 5 Music Performances for a Summer of Fun2024-06-13
52024 Taipei Water Dance Festival Starts on May 1st!2024-06-11
6June is set to be an extraordinary month and full of night sky’s wonders, including the flying dragon in the sky, the earliest sunrise and the longest daytime.2024-06-09
7Overview of Taipei City Factory Registration2024-06-06
8Taipei Entrepreneurs Hub Presents: Invest and Start a Business in Taipei at InnoVEX 20242024-06-05
9We Want You! Become a Firefighting Hero! "Taipei City Firefighting Camp – Disaster Preparedness Adventure" and "Taipei City Firefighter Camp - Unboxing Firefighter’s Work: Let’s Go" Now Open for Registration!2024-06-05
10Response from RDEC on Report about 1999 Hotline Increasing Staff Burden2024-06-04
11The 5th meeting of Taipei Spatial Planning Committee will be held on June 13, 20242024-06-03
122024 Joint Civil-Military Air-Raid exercise(No.47 Wan An Exercise)2024-06-03
13Department for Youth in Taipei City Officially Opens: Promoting Youth Slash Career Store Trial Run, Weekend Parent-Child Experience Draws Crowds2024-06-02
14The Youth Innovation “Have a Good Times Handicraft Market” Debuts: Department of Urban Development Leads the Way, Department for Youth Takes Over2024-06-02
15The Inauguration of the Department for Youth of Taipei City Government: A New Chapter in International Engagement2024-06-01
16Taipei City Participates in the 2024 Crisis Management Conference, Exchanging Disaster Prevention Experiences with 12 International Cities. 2024-05-30
172024 Joint Civil-Military Air-Raid exercise No.47 Wan An Exercise(Multilanguage)2024-05-30
18「2024 Taipei Architecture Renovation Award」will begin its call for submissions, with a total prize of NT$300,000. Inviting old buildings renovation experts to sign up!2024-05-29
19Taipei Twin Towers C1/D1 Growth Diary Preview2024-05-29
20The TCG actively promoted investment and reduced debt by NT$14.9 billion , achieving the goal of per capita debt of less than $30,000 !2024-05-23