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NO.TitlePublish Date
12023 IDO World Grand Prix Taipei Open To The World - Who Will Rise to the Challenge and Battle in Taipei!2023-04-06
2Asian Dance Tour Taipei Open 2023 was a resounding success! 910 competitors from 30 countries participated2023-03-01
32023 Asia Dance Tour Taipei Open, Taipei Arena. 28th February 2023 Taipei, TAIWAN2023-02-21
42022 Run The Taipei City-We Are Possible2022-12-18
5Let’s Run Together on 1218 - 2022 Taipei Marathon2022-12-16
6Taipei’s 1st physical Asian Sport Stacking Championships in The Post-Epidemic Era2022-12-08
7​2021 Taipei Marathon takes a leap toward a new chapter2021-12-19
82021Taipei Marathon - Environmental sustainability create success with High-Standard epidemic prevention2021-12-17
9​Taipei Water Challenge: 30 canoes take maiden voyages on the Keelung River2021-11-09
10Theme: 2021 Taipei International Dragon Boat Championships - Held on National Day for the First Time2021-10-08
11Registration for 2021 Taipei Marathon Starts Today. RUN THE CITY #THE DAY WE REBORN. Let us run Taipei together to welcome the rebirth of the world.2021-10-04
12Midsummer Taipei International Dragon Boat Championships: Registration starts April 19 !2021-04-17
132020 Taipei Marathon officially started, domestic and foreign runners “Dare to breathe “2020-12-20
15Registration Now Open for 2020 Taipei Marathon #Dare To Breathe Thanks for the national epidemic prevention, let’s run to the “Taipei Sports Park”.2020-08-19
16Crazy Summer — Give Dad the Healthiest Gift 2020 Water Experiential Activities Invite You to ‘Open Up’ with Fun2020-08-08
172020 Taipei Dragon Boat Championships come to a successful close Champions for each group announced!2020-06-26
18Dragon Boat Festival Eye Dotting and River Blessing Ceremony - Pray for event success and pandemic extinguished!2020-06-08
19The 2018 YONEX CHINESE TAIPEI OPEN - Success End to the Event in Taipei City2018-11-23
202018 Taipei OEC Open begins on November 112018-11-23