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Taipei’s 1st physical Asian Sport Stacking Championships in The Post-Epidemic Era

2022 Asian Open Sport Stacking Championships jointly host by The Department of Sports of Taipei City Government and the Taiwan Sport Stacking Association for the first time is a large-scale physical event in Asia in the post-epidemic era. It will be held in Taipei Gym 4th floor from December 9th to 11th and stackers from 6 countries will come to Taiwan to compete.

Affected by Covid-19, the World Sport Stacking Association (WSSA), 67 member countries around the world, has suspended physical international events for three consecutive years since the 2019 Asian Sport Stacking Championships, including the annual Asian Cup, the World Cup, all have been changed into online competition until this time Taiwan tries to restart it in 2022, which is bound to attract global attention. Larry Goers, chairman of the WSSA US General Assembly, also makes a special trip from USA to Taiwan to witness the new chapter of Sport Stacking with stackers from Asian countries.

The competitors, including Taiwan, come from 6 countries which are Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Hong Kong. Taiwan’s elite Stackers include CHENG-YOU, YAN (Taipei City), the world record holder for the men’s 13-14-year-old (3-3-3) event; CHIAN-YU, LU(New Taipei City), the world record holder for the women’s 15-16-year-old (3-6-3) event; and BO-YU, CHEN (New Taipei City), the world record holder of the women's 15-16-year-old (cycle) event. We’re looking forward to a better performance this year than last year’s online Asian Cup records: 38 gold, 30 silver, and 35 bronze medals and through this event to promote international exchanges in stacking sports and conduct city marketing. It’s expected that Taiwan's excellent ability of handling international competitions is obvious to all and can be seen by worldwide.