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12thIKF World Korfball Championship 2023 Opening Ceremony

The 12th IKF World Korfball Championship 2023 (IKF WKC 2023) Opening Ceremony was held in Taipei Gymnasium at 6:00 p.m. this evening (October 20), and the president of the International Korfball Federation, Mr. Jan Fransoo, came to Taiwan to open the 10-day tournament. The 10-day tournament kicked off with the participation of the largest number of countries ever, with a total of 24 teams and about 420 team staffs and players, making for a very lively scene.

Korfball is a fast-paced and highly tactical sport, which features gender equality and strong teamwork. The movements mostly consist of constant passing, fast moving, and shooting. With 360 angles, players have to use their skilled movements to create a space in order to score without violating the defense rule. Comprehensive skills, teamwork and gender equality have always been the most amazing features which other sports don’t have.

Chinese Taipei National Korfball Team has been among the top three in the world for a long time. 11 of the current players have also won silver and bronze medals at 2017 and 2022 World Games. Competing with other 23 best teams in the world, Chinese Taipei Team strives to take the advantage of playing at Taipei City Hometown and keep the championship in Taiwan.

" Korfball, as a sport with a rich history and cultural significance, has always been a symbol of teamwork, friendship, and sportsmanship." said Lin, Zhe-Hong (林哲宏),Deputy Secretary General of the Taipei City Government, " Taipei is honored to host the World Korfball Championships, thanks to  all of our partners, volunteers and staff who have supported the World Korfball Championship, and whose hard work and dedication have made this event possible. "

Huang Wei-Qiang (黃緯強), chairman of the Chinese Taipei Korfball Association, said, "This time we finally have the opportunity to play at home, and we hope that the Taiwanese will be able to get to know the sport of Korfball better through this tournament; We would like to thank all of our media friends for their interest and participation. Finally, we invite you to join us at the World Korfball Championships to cheer for the players and share with their joys and accomplishments."

Tickets for this 10-day event are free of charge at all times and can get it from this website: https://www.accupass.com/event/2309250419371013617139. Welcome to get the tickets and come to the Taipei Gymnasium to cheer for all the players!