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Let’s Run Together on 1218 - 2022 Taipei Marathon

2022 Taipei Marathon is kicking off at 6:30am this Sunday in the front plaza of Taipei City Hall. The commissioner of department of sports Li, Tzai-Li will be joining the run as a guide runner. “The past three years haven’t been the easiest when it comes to hosting a large event like Taipei Marathon. Thank you to every one of you who persevered and stood by us. Just like our theme this year, RUN THE CITY – WE ARE POSSIBLE, with a positive mindset, there is nothing you cannot conquer.”, said Lee.

As the only city marathon in Taiwan that is certified with Elite Label by World Athletics (WA), Taipei Marathon invited 12 international elite runners to join the race. With various Covid restrictions lifted, runners travelling from the overseas only had to arrive 7 days in advance and conduct self-health management with negative test result from rapid antigen test. It is exciting that we are seeing more and more international participants as life slowly goes back to normal.

Taipei Marathon has always been a year-end test event for domestic elite runners and there’s no exception for this year as well. The men's marathon group led by Chiang, Chieh-Wen、Chou, Ting-Yin. Chiang achieved great efforts in the recent races which he won the double gold medals in 5000-meters and 10000-meters races in May and 10000-meters gold medal in October. Chou, who won the domestic runner champion will face a strong challenge from Chiang to defend his champion title.

Among the entry list of the women's full marathon group, Chang, Chih-Hsuan、Tsai, Yun-Hsuan、Lee, Chia-Mei、Chen, Yi-Ning、Chu, Zhu, Ying-Ying are all regular participants in the competition year after year. Lisa Ries, who broke 3hr in the first of the marathon this year. And also she is actively striving for the opportunity to advance to the Paris Olympics games after training in competitions. 

The women's half-marathon group will be led by Hsieh, Chien-Ho and Tsao, Chun-Yu this year. Tsao has just broke her half marathon person best last month in AGEO City Japan, and she’s ready to compete with domestic half marathon record holder Hsieh.

The men's half marathon has been fiercely competitive in recent years. Last year's top four – Lee, Li-Jyun、Huang, Xiang-Wei、Wu, Jui-En、Zhou, Xian-Feng not only created new personal achievements, but also achieve goals of the Chengdu Summer Universiade.

Taipei City Government Sports Bureau is devoted in promoting friendly sports events and love for diversity. For the first time in record, wheelchair racers are encouraged to join in Taipei Marathon for half-marathon race. Considering the safety for first-time wheelchaired participants have finished a 10-week physical fitness training, including long range riverside park route and indoor muscle strength classes so that the wheelchair racers can successfully complete the race.

Certified by the British Standards Institution (BSI) in 2021, Taipei Marathon became the first ever race event with an ISO-14067 carbon footprint verification.  Sustainability, therefore, is one of the key measures considered when it comes to what materials are being used for the supplies. For example, non-laminated paper cups, trophies made from recycled aggregates, online bulletin, and finisher’s certificate available to download are all approaches taken to be “green” and to raise awareness about environmental issues. Additionally, Fubon Financial Holdings, adidas, PaMi Tseng Noodles, and Herbalife are extremely involved and supportive in making this green marathon possible. 

Our grateful appreciation extends to all the sponsors, including Fubon Financial Holdings, adidas, Herbalife, CITIZEN, PaMi Tseng Noodles, Taiwan Mobile, Fubon Insurance, Marathon Expo, JAGUAR TAIWAN, SHOKZ, AROMASE, Synmosa, EVA AIR, ACTife, All Sports, Bravelog, Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Co., Inc., Maobao, Vitalon Foods Company, Nestle Taiwan, cama, Gigijing, nonstop running podcast and many other partners. Lastly, special thanks to Taipei Songshan Ciyou Temple for the support.