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Registration Now Open for 2020 Taipei Marathon #Dare To Breathe Thanks for the national epidemic prevention, let’s run to the “Taipei Sports Park”.

  2020 Taipei Marathon will take place on Sunday, December 20, at 6:30 a.m. The registration of race- entry lottery  will start from 12:00pm today until 17:00pm on September 14. This year, the race track will be extending toward Nangang Exhibition Hall, and the finish point will be set at Taipei sports park. The shift is part of its bid to fulfil various criteria of the World Athletics (WA) and elevate race track smoothly.    

  To encourage runners to do exercise and  boost domestic economy at the same time, runners could use the triple stimulus vouchers to register for the 2020 Taipei Marathon.

  There are many marathons and road race events cancelled due to the furious COVID-19 virus spreading across the globe. We appreciated  the hardwork of epidemic prevention personnel and the general public for making 2020 Taipei Marathon possible. "Dare to Breath" #勇感呼吸(breathe bravely and gratefully), as the slogan, would like to encourages the runners to outdo themselves bravely and be grateful to the effort that all the epidemic prevention personnel have put in. They guard our lives everyday , and not only allow us to breathe deeply, but also to make runners worldwide focus on Taiwan!

A brand new course with finishing point at the Taipei Sports Park

  Taipei Marathon is the only urban marathon certified by the World Athletics (WA)in Taiwan.  Although there are many challenges when planning an urban marathon,  Taipei Marathon continue to optimize running experiences. With the heritage tour in running course,  reducing the riverside track by extending the race track towards Nangang Exhibition Hall, and  Nanjing East road will be included in the 2020 Taipei Marathon.

  It is worth mentioning that 2020 Taipei Marathon will have the ending points at the Taipei Sports Park for the first time. The starting and ending points were all in front of the Taipei City Hall front plaza in the past, so we look forward to seeing runners gathering at Taipei Sports Park gloriously, and attracting more spectator to cheer for the runners and finishers.

  In the history of Taipei Marathon, the runners' performance has increased gradually every year, and many elite runners view the Taipei Marathon as the touchstone of annual training . Taipei Marathon strives to make glorious remarks in the history and with the support of Taipei City Government, CTAA, CTRRA and all the citizens, continue to seek an opportunity to advance in Gold-Label certified event. We aim at setting the faster course which allows runners to target new records, and creating a win-win situation for both runners and citizens.

  As for Gold Label preparation year, Taipei Marathon continues to enhance runners’ services. We provide the best supplies along the route, a hundred of “track angel” provide the runners immediate emergency services combine with first aid system. There are also resting tents along the route for the runners who are unable to finish the race to wait inside and wait for the rear shuttle bus to pick them up back to the finishing point. Runners no longer have to worry about physical load, they can comfortably run on the track and show their daily training results without any worries. In addition to the acclaimed ice pool relaxation area and massage area at the finish venue, freshly cooked noodle stalls are added to provide runners with the most comprehensive care after the race.

  2020 Taipei Marathon event ambassador “Chen Jie” attended press conference earlier today and demonstrated the newest design of the 2020 Taipei Marathon race singlet which is more ergonomic and is made with comfortable and cooling materials. Therefore, we are looking forward to help the runners to break their personal best.

Epidemic new life, Triple Stimulus Voucher can be used to deduct the registration fee

  To Encourage people to participate in outdoor activities while the COVID-19 has been controlled in Taiwan. Runners who are eligible to register the Taipei Marathon can use the triple stimulus voucher which linked to your credit card in order to have the entry fee discount.

  2020 Taipei Marathon attracts many enterprises to become the best dream promoters of the runners and the sponsorships which has supported Taipei Marathon for many years includes Fubon Financial Holdings, adidas, Marathon Expo, CITIZEN, FRESH DELICACY COMPANY LIMITED, Taiwan Mobile, Fubon Insurance, Synmosa, EVA AIR, All Sports community, APURE, BRAVELOG, maobao, Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Co., Inc., VITALON FOODS COMPANY, GIGIJING, True Yoga, EX Taping, and many other well known enterprises in various fields putting efforts into this iconic marathon allowing the runners to enjoying more abundant resources this year!

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: http://www.taipeicitymarathon.com/
FAN PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/TaipeicityMarathon/