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Asian Dance Tour Taipei Open 2023 was a resounding success! 910 competitors from 30 countries participated

After 3 years, Asian Dance Tour Taipei Open returned on the 28th of February at the Taipei Arena .This event was very significant to Taiwan.

This year was Taipei Open's 12th Anniversary. Asian Dance Tour is the only Dance Tour. Taipei Open has become one of the fourth Open Competitions in the world today. It is officially World Ranking Competition. The prize is nearly 3 million NT (around 98800 USD), and gathered 910 competitors from 30 countries to compete. Top 24 dancers strived for World Championships. There are more than thousands of audience to join the event.

The competitions started off at 8:00 in the morning. The preliminary rounds of the international events were held in the afternoon, and the finals of the World Professional Open Ballroom and Latin were held in the evening. Six couples of superstars performed at the grand finale and that brought the Asian Dance tour to a climatic finale!


Taipei open was co-hosted by Department of Sports of Taipei City Government and Taiwan International Sport Dance Development Association. Department of Sports is dedicated to promote dance sport. Mayor Chiang Wan-an special thanks to the Association for its professionalism and dedication in organizing this international event. Many competitors were trained under the leadership of Chairman Sammy and Jane Liu .Taiwan International Sport Dance Development Association organizes international competitions in order for Taiwanese competitors to have more access to the world's top competitors and judges. This also helped Taipei City to become a friendly city for Ballroom dancing through cultural exchanges.


Open Professional Latin Open Champions are Troels Bager and Ina Jeliazkova from the USA . They are very popular with lots of Taiwanese fans. They have competed in Asian Dance Tour since the year of 2013.  In addition to expressing their affirmation of Taipei Open, they were impressed by the enthusiasm of the Taiwanese audience. They danced again to win World Professional Latin Championship.


Open Professional Ballroom Champions are Stanislav Zelianin and Irina Cherepanova from Singapore. They also participated in Asian Tour Taipei Open since the year of 2015. They won the title for the 1st time. Competitors representing Taiwan also had excellent results. Jim Chen and Anita Chen win the Asian Professional Open Ballroom Champion. 

Leo Wang and Joanna Liu successfully challenged to enter Open Amateur final and win the Asian Amateur Ballroom Champion. Oscar Tseng and Ina Wu also entered Open Asian Amateur Latin final.


We had two eye-catching couples.  One couple is New World Amateur Ballroom Champion Glenn-Richard Boyce & Caroly Janes. It was their second time to visit Taiwan.

Champions Glenn-Richard Boyce, 21 from UK and Caroly Janes,19 from Estonia competed in World Amateur Open. Their result were  2nd place in the Amateur ballroom . The other couples were Professional Ballroom dancers Dusan Dragovic & Valeria Dragovic. Their result were 2nd place in the Open Professional ballroom. Dusan Dragovic & Valeria Dragovic have spent three years away when international competitions were suspended due to the pandemic. As soon as they returned to international competitions, they have generated much talks in the international dance circle. They had won Professional Ballroom Dance Championships at Open World 2022 WDO Ballroom Championships last October. Their classical elegance was mesmerizing, and they were new Star with great potentials.


This exciting competition and events completed this wonderful and blessed experience. Everyone is looking forward to meeting again next year with enthusiasm. The next stop of the tournament will be on March 4 in Seoul, South Korea. Let’s continue the light and passion of Ballroom dance.