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2020 Taipei Marathon officially started, domestic and foreign runners “Dare to breathe “

"2020 Taipei Marathon" attracted 28,000 domestic and foreign runners this year, and today (December 20) Taipei City Mayor Ko, Wen-Je and representatives of the event's ambassadors, Chen Jie and Yang Jun-Han, inaugurated the event in the Citizen Square in front of the Taipei City Government. Ko, Wen-Je said that under the impact of the COVID-19, this year's Taipei Marathon is particularly difficult to do, we should thanks to the hard work of all epidemic prevention personnel, as well as the efforts of all the citizens. We look forward in the future to be able to have new international runners and improve the quality of service.
Foreign elite runners did not hesitate to be invited to Taiwan, the attendance of these runners let the event be more attractive.
Taipei Marathon is the only national marathon that has "Bronze Label" by the World Athletics Federation (WA) , in order to meet the requirements of WA label race, the organizers did a lot of effort to invite 12 top elite runners to come to Taiwan, they not only took responsibility to provide 14 days of quarantine hotel, they also at the same time did it in the entry, exit and pre-race multiple medical checks, and after confirm that is safe they allowed to the foreign runners to be able to participate with everyone in the same race.
"Track field double handsome" Chen Jie, Yang, Jun-Han also responded to attend the event, with the company of the Mayor Ko, Wen-Je for the opening of the event. Yang Jun-Han, who has served as an ambassador for the event for almost three years, said that this year's in the world, most of the marathons has been affected by the COVID-19, this produce a reduce of international exchanges, and that is why he think that is a good opportunity for runners to get close and learn more from these elite runners. Chen Jie also said that this year's route has changed a lot, he thinks that is very cool because the end of the route is in the Taipei Sports Park. He sincerely hoped that in the future Taipei Marathon can continue to progress and successfully obtain the gold label certification.
High specifications continue to refine into the event service, High standards of epidemic prevention measures are very rigorous
The most popular areas for runners today were the ice pool relaxation area and the massage area, many runners were taking the opportunity to relieve fatigue, relax muscles, enjoy the pasta stalls, hot noodles and let the runners has a warm heart and a full stomach after the race. In additional, runners in the full marathon group received a limited edition windbreaker and nutritional lunch boxes designed specifically for the runners.
There is also a breakthrough in differences between the starting and finishing points, finishing point for marathon will be in Taipei Stadium, and there is a live broadcast unit with a camera at the ending point to capture the runner's finishing posture. We also have cameras on the both sides of the big screen, and in the grandee audience we also set up a "rock zone", with the purpose of the spectators and runners to enjoy the day after a long race.
Of course, under the premise of the autumn and winter epidemic prevention project, all entrances and exits of the site are equipped with infrared thermometers, and antibacterial cleaning sprays for the public to use. At the same time, 30,000 medical masks were prepared at the finish line, allowing each finisher to change their mask for safety when the race is over.
The event service is renowned around the world, Everyone strongly support each other
2020 Taipei Marathon also attracts many enterprises to become the promoters for the runners and be  sponsors for the competition, including Fubon Financial Holdings, which has supported the Taipei Marathon for many years, sports brands like adidas, CITIZEN, Herbalife Nutrition Taiwan, PaMI Tseng Noodles, Taiwan mobile, Fubon Insurance, Marathon Expo in Taipei, Taiwan High Speed Rail, Synmosa, EVA AIR, HERMES, All Sprts, Phiten, aPure, Bravelog, Mao Bao Inc., BE-KIND, Dyaco International, Coway, Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Co., Inc., VITALON, SANYO WHISBIH GROUP, COLGATE, Magi Planet, TRUE YOGA FITNESS, k.k. Orchard, ICON,  Chinese Kinesiology Taping Association and other companies have also invested in this marvelous marathon. The event allows runners to enjoy a lot for all of the new resources that Taipei Marathon provides this year! 
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