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Theme: 2021 Taipei International Dragon Boat Championships - Held on National Day for the First Time

Thanks to the slowing down of the pandemic, "2021 Taipei International Dragon Boat Championships", the largest dragon boat race in Taiwan, will be held in Dajia Riverside Park on October 9 and 10. The Department of Sports of Taipei City Government has been committed to building Taipei into a "sports city". As the pandemic has slowed down and been stably controlled, the race shall be held by following the principle of "Gradual Loosening and Step-by-step Adjustment" coupled with comprehensive pandemic prevention measures. Although the scale of the dragon boat race is reduced, it is still hoped that the sports can bring people hope and emotional energy to maintain peace in Taiwan. Moreover, it is the first time that players are allowed to use their own life jackets and paddles that meet the certification specifications set by the event organizer in this year’s racing, which shall encourage the recovery and development of water-based sports. 
There are 152 teams participating in this year’s racing, including 44 men's teams, 20 women's teams, and 88 mixed teams. The participating teams are composed of players of all age groups and people from all walks of life, including "Entrepreneurs Dragon Row" by NCCU EMBA Entrepreneurs Friendship Association, "Stop - No Recording" by star players such as George Hu and Wills, etc. of the Blue Team of the "All Star Sports Day" TV program in the first season, "Golden Dragon Avenger" by emergency department staff of Wanfang Hospital, "Rainbow Punch"—the largest gender-friendly dragon boat team in Asia, "Wolf" by foreigners in Taiwan from 18 countries including the United States and Brazil, etc., "Civil Aviation Evergreen Dragon Boat Team" by civil aviation personnel with an average age of 62,and so on. Through dragon boat racing, players challenge themselves and build team discipline and spirit. When the drum beats, all players in the same boat are united as one and share the same heart rhythm as the rhythm of the drum beats. When the boat moves towards a shared goal, beads of perspiration glisten on players’ foreheads and friendships are consolidated in their hearts.

Since the pandemic-related restrictions have not been completely lifted, the Department of Sports shall employ the highest-standard pandemic prevention measures and conduct this race in a prudent manner. All players are required to comply with the pandemic prevention measures regulated by the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC), including onsite temperature screening, hand sanitization and wearing masks at all time. Please note that this event shall close admission to general public. Yet we invite all people who love dragon boat races to cheer for the players through live streaming on YouTube organized by Taipei City Government. Please visit "Taipei International Dragon Boat Championships" official website or FB fan page to check the live stream link, and thus you can predict the champion team at home and cheer for the teams you support.

Since the roads around the venue will be under traffic control during the event, motorcycles and cars can only use Water Gates No. 7 and No. 10. for entry/exit; Water Gate No. 8 is only for pedestrians and bicycles; and Water Gate No. 9 is exclusively for vehicles with passes and other permits. Additionally, taxies can access the control point through Water Gate No. 9 and then leave through Water Gate No. 10. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the traffic control and appreciate your understanding and support.

★For information about the event, please check the links below:
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Dragon Boat Racing live streaming platform: "EBC Live News" YouTube channel