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Registration for 2021 Taipei Marathon Starts Today. RUN THE CITY #THE DAY WE REBORN. Let us run Taipei together to welcome the rebirth of the world.

2021Taipei Marathon is co-host by Taipei City Government, CTAA, and CTRRA. The marathon will start at 6:30am on December 19th, in the front plaza of Taipei City Hall. We have announced the registration at press conference that registration will take place starting from 12:00pm today for the marathon group and half marathon starting from October 5th 10:00am until 17:00pm on October 27th. This year registration method will not be lottery draw, the registration will be closed once the quota is full. Runners who meet the standard guarantee quota will be open to upload the certificate and register on September 27th and the deadline is October 1st.

The delta virus has caused the global epidemic to heat up again recently. Taipei Marathon will upgrade the epidemic prevention and safety of the event accordance with the specifications of the Central Epidemic Command Center (CDC). Deputy Mayor Tsai reminds all runners that will have to provide the health certificate (vaccination record/rehabilitation certificate/COVID-19 rapid test kits or PCR negative nucleic acid test certificate, choose one from the above three) after registration before they can receive the race pack and participate in the race. In addition, all staffs and volunteers must also provide the above-mentioned health certificate or undergo screening, as well as the invited elite runners will follow the epidemic prevention regulations in order to enter Taiwan before the race. High standard epidemic prevention measures and a medical team are used to maintain the health of runners and people, making the Taipei Marathon the safest event, we look forward to see everyone can get back to the normal life real soon. Please visit the official website of “Taipei Marathon” for more details.

Last year, Taipei Marathon was the only international marathon event actually held in Taiwan and it was also the largest sports event during the epidemic in the world. This year, despite the outbreak of the epidemic and the level-three alert for two and half months, it has gradually been brought under control in the near future, and lives for people have been back on track. This is due to the hard work of epidemic prevention personnel and the joint efforts of all citizens in the past five months. Therefore, Taipei Marathon uses “RUN THE CITY-THE DAY WE REBORN” as the main axis of our rebirth in Taipei, declaring to the world that the most difficult period has passed, Taipei Marathon will be held as scheduled. Runners are invited to run around Taipei together, Taipei will work hard with everyone on the road of rebirth.

The new visual system of “2021 Taipei Marathon” uses the Mebius ring, which symbolizes an infinite loop as the design basis. The ring structure has the meaning of aura, hope and unity, as well as the circulation and endless life of runner’s breathing, persistence and daily practice life, reflecting the sportsman’s spirit of marathon and the city of Taipei Sense of glory. We encourage everyone to say goodbye to the haze of the epidemic and let us demonstrate the vitality and hope of “Taipei Marathon” together. 

The actual actions taken to reduce plastic and carbon of "2021 Taipei Marathon" include: adidas, which sponsored this event for 10 consecutive years not only used environmentally friendly non-toxic inks for the printing but also use recyclable and naturally decomposable materials on the packaging of the adidas race singlet. The use of CircuWell non-plastic paper cups at the water and supply stations, and the use of recycled stones for the trophies, as well as the electronic programme and finish certificate etc. In addition, Fubon Financial Holdings, the top sponsor of this event, also launched the "Run for Green" initiative, collaborating with not only Taipei Marathon., but also other iconic races. We are expecting to have 100,000 trees planted across Taiwan within the next 5 years. As a global citizen, environmental conservation is our duty. Come and join us!

Since 2020, regulations for World Athletics (WA) label races have made significant changes and now with three different kinds of certification – Label, Elite Label, and Elite Platinum Label. Currently, Taipei Marathon is the one and only city marathon with an Elite Label in Taiwan certified by the WA. With the goal of achieving the higher level of Label in mind, we never stop striving to better and improve all aspects of the race each year.

2021 Taipei Marathon has attracted many enterprises in becoming the biggest supporters of the runners. Our appreciation extends to all the sponsors who have always supported Taipei Marathon for all these years, including Fubon Financial Holdings, adidas, HERBALIFE, CITIZEN,  CITIZEN, FRESH DELICACY COMPANY LIMITED, Songshan Ciyou Temple, Taiwan Mobile, Fubon Insurance, Marathon Expo, PEUGEOT ,AfterShokz, AROMASE, Synmosa, EVA AIR, ACTife, Chung Hwa Pulp Corporation, All Sports community, BRAVELOG, maobao, Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Co., Inc., VITALON FOODS COMPANY, GIGIJING, Colgate, Non-Stop_Running Podcasts, and many other renowned enterprises from various fields. 
OFFICIAL WEBSITE: http://www.taipeicitymarathon.com/
FAN PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/TaipeicityMarathon/