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2020 Taipei Dragon Boat Championships come to a successful close Champions for each group announced!

In this year's Taipei Dragon Boat Championships for standard dragon boats, a total of 80 teams participated. After yesterday's intense knockout round, today (June 26th) ushered in the final battle for the championship! This year's prize money totaled NT$ 1.36 million, and the competitors gave everything they had to fight for the top honors. Taipei Municipal Nangang High School won the standard dragon boat men's team championship, and the Taichung Canoe Association won the mixed team championship. Each team won a NT$250,000 cash prize. The Charlie-Kao Industry Company won the women's team championship prize of NT$100,000.
In his awards and closing ceremony speech, Commissioner Li Tzai-Li of the Taipei City Government Department of Sports said that although many sports events this year have been cancelled due to the pandemic, the Department of Sports had made careful assessments and hoped to bring stability and peace of mind through sports following the downturn in the first half of the year. At the same time, the Department cherishes the opportunity to gather with the athletes. Therefore, with the support of the mayor, the 2020 Taipei Dragon Boat Championships were held as scheduled. During this period, pandemic conditions were also closely monitored. Considering that many family and friends of the competitors were very eager to be present to cheer and support the teams, 500 spots were opened for them to attend. The Department is very grateful for the hard work of all those who worked on the event, and the enthusiastic participation and cooperation of all the competitors and their families and friends. Together, they helped make it possible for everyone to spend the Dragon Boat Festival together and see the event to its successful completion.
Coming up next on July 5th is the 2020 Taipei City 15th Spirit of the Whale Cup Traditional Dragon Boat Championships organized by the Taipei Dragon Boat Association. During the summer vacation from the end of July to mid-September, the Department of Sports will also be holding water activities and is planning another dragon boat event. In addition to water activities, there will be many land activities in sports stadiums. The Department hopes that in the second half of the year, life will gradually return to normal, and encourages the public to go outside and exercise as part of the new pandemic prevention lifestyle.
Results of the finals are as follows:

Category First Place Second Place Third Place Fourth Place
Standard Dragon Boat Women’s Open Charlie-Kao Industry Company Big Foot  Business Today
Hash Dragon Women’s Team
The A-la Squad
Standard Dragon Boat Men’s Open Taipei Municipal Nangang High School Taipei University of Marine Technology  Charlie-Kao Industry Company Men's Dragon Boat Team Qaris Dragon Boat Team
Standard Dragon Boat Mixed Open Taichung Canoe Association Aletheia University Taiwan Provincial City God Temple Kang Chiao A