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12thIKF World Korfball Championship 2023 at Taipei Gymnasium Coming Soon and Free Tickets Information

The 12th IKF World Korfball Championship 2023 (referred to as IKF WKC2023) will be held at the Taipei Gymnasium from 10/20-10/29. Team Chinese Taipei, which brings together the best players in Taiwan, will play with Ireland and New Zealand for the chance to advance to the top of the group!

The IKF WKC2023 is co-sponsored by the Taipei City Government and the Chinese Taipei Korfball Association. The IKF World Championships is the highest level of Korfball and is held every four years, and the number of teams participating in this competition is the largest ever, with a total of 24 teams, including those from Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and other countries, competing in the same arena in Taiwan. One team from each group will advance to the final eight, and the winner will enter the final four to participate in the final championship and compete for the highest honor. 

Korfball was originated in Netherlands in 1902. It is the only mixed-gender sport in the world, where only players of the same sex can play defense, and collisions between male and female players can be avoided; the venue, equipment, and rules of Korfball are similar to basketball, but the pace of the game is much faster. The rules of the game reflect the spirit of teamwork and gender equality, ensuring that both men and women have the opportunity to play together, also keeping the game exciting and intense.

Korfball has been a non-mainstream sport in Taiwan for forty years, but Team Chinese Taipei won a medal at the World Championships as early as 1987, and has continued to excel in the international arena ever since, ranking among the top three in the world in the last decade. In the U17 Korfball World Cup in early July this year, we even beat the Netherlands, the birthplace of Korfball, to win the championship. This time, Team Chinese Taipei has finally come home to play, so let's unite as one and go into the arena to win the game with the Chinese athletes. Let's hope that they can win the World Championships and keep the trophy in Taiwan!

Team Chinese Taipei's first group match will be held on 10/20 (Fri) at 7:15pm against Ireland, and the second group match against New Zealand is scheduled to be held on 10/22 (Sun) at 3:45pm. Tickets for the 10-day tournament are free of charge and can be obtained at https://www.accupass.com/event/2309250419371013617139. Welcome to get tickets and go to the Taipei Gymnasium to cheer for Team Chinese Taipei!