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The 2020 Taipei Marathon is the first WA label certified marathon after the COVID-19 in Taiwan, it will start on time at 6:30 a.m. on December 20th at the Taipei City Hall Square, with more than 28,000 runners signing up this year, including our best domestic runners, Ho Chin-Ping, Chiang Chieh-Wen, Tsao Chun-Yu, Chang Chih-Hsuan, Zhu Ying-Ying, etc.  have been eager for the race and ready for the new competition under a higher level, while in the implementation of epidemic prevention and immigration quarantine measures, the organizers still invited 12 foreign elite runners to Taiwan to participate in the marathon, make this year the Taipei Marathon even more meaningful, and expect all runners to “Dare To Breathe”.
Taipei Marathon has officially entered the 24th year and continuing to evolve in publicity, competition and service, we have more adjustments in our route this year, in order to make runners refreshing, the last quarter of the race there is the known as Taipei Wall Street of Nanjing East Road, and finish point will be in the Taipei Sports Park. At the pre-race press conference held today (December 18th), Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-Je and a group of guests unveiled the new route, looking forward to the local and foreign runners to join in this grand event, with the goal of make the marathon internationally renowned, so that the Taipei Marathon can become Taipei’s business card.
Taipei Marathon as the biggest international marathon in Taiwan, it has a big value for the exchange in city on urban and rural aspects and also in observation and learning for the spectators. This year specially invited Hualien county, Taitung county, Nantou county, Taoyuan City and Kinmen county to participate, in addition to providing opportunities for local athletes to participate in international events, also arrange a training station for the runners at the Yangming High School, the school team will train with the athletes, and pay a visit to the Taipei Stadium and Shilin sports center, this let each municipal government personnel observe the sports administration and exchange the experience of the operation of the stadium, with the goal of  create a better relationship between the cities.
This year, under the influence of the COVID-19 epidemic, limited by the prevention and quarantine, the number of foreign athletes reduced considerably in other marathons, however, there are 12 foreign elite runners that accepted the challenge to participate in the Taipei Marathon, that is why the organizers specially prepared exclusive treadmills in every room, so that these elite runners can prepare for the label certified race this year.
One of the elite runner, Elisha Kipchirchir Rotich from Kenya had recently finished Amsterdam Marathon with his best best of 2 hours, 5 minutes and 18 seconds, while his compatriot Paul Kipchumba Lonyangata had his personal record of 2 hours, 6 minutes and 10 seconds, and another elite runner Chele Dechasa Beyene got the third place in Seoul Marathon last year with the result of 2 hours, 6 minutes and 25 seconds. These competitors make the men’s group more competitive, but no matter what, our local runners, Chiang Chieh-Wen and Ho Chin-Ping will accept the challenge with the best attitude!
In the women’s group, Askale Merachi Wegi from Ethiopia, who won the Houston Marathon with 2 hours, 23 minutes and 29 seconds earlier this year, while Zinash Mekonen Lema, also from Ethiopia, had her best record of 2 hours, 24 minutes and 55 seconds. This is a very good opportunity to our local elite runner for Tokyo Olympic marathon treasure Tsao Chun-Yu to have a new learning experience, we hope that competing with these high level runners so she can improve herself with better achievement.
The finishing point for the marathon is in the Taipei Stadium. MOMO TV is responsible for the live broadcast of the event, it will set up a camera at the finish line to capture the runners, and put them on a big screen on both sides in the Taipei Stadium, and allowing the audience to witness the joy of each runner when they finish the race, and cheering for every finisher.
In addition, to allow spectator to cheering for the runners, there is a special plan, we set a “rock and roll zone” at the marathon finish point that can retain about 500 people. Registration was opened on Taipei Marathon Facebook fan page and was full in a very short time. These let the people can be close to encourage their relatives and friends, and also to give the greatest encouragement and applause to all the runners!

2020 Taipei Marathon also attracts many enterprises to become the promoters for the runners and be  sponsors for the competition, including Fubon Financial Holdings, which has supported the Taipei Marathon for many years, sports brands like adidas, CITIZEN, Herbalife Nutrition Taiwan, PaMI Tseng Noodles, Taiwan mobile, Fubon Insurance, Marathon Expo in Taipei, Taiwan High Speed Rail, Synmosa, EVA AIR, HERMES, All Sprts, Phiten, aPure, Bravelog, Mao Bao Inc., BE-KIND, Dyaco International, Coway, Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Co., Inc., VITALON, SANYO WHISBIH GROUP, COLGATE, Magi Planet, TRUE YOGA FITNESS, k.k. Orchard, ICON,  Chinese Kinesiology Taping Association and other companies have also invested in this marvelous marathon. The event allows runners to enjoy a lot for all of the new resources that Taipei Marathon provides this year!
For more information on the 2020 Taipei Marathon, please visit the event website: http://www.taipeicitymarathon.com
Taipei Marathon fan page:   https://www.facebook.com/TaipeicityMarathon