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NO.TitlePublish Date
41Congratulations! The New Construction Office won the 2022 Taipei City Government Distinguished Award for 6 projects2022-11-03
42City Holds Housewarming Party for Guangci Social Housing2022-11-03
43Taipei Expo “Smart Taipei Workshop” Highlights Innovative Shared City Services2022-11-02
44Chinese Experts Successfully Came to Visit the “Tuan Yuan” Family and Highly Recognized the Conservation of Taipei Zoo.2022-11-02
45Mayor Ko Gives Away Treats to Little Zombies at Tianmu Halloween Festival2022-11-02
46Results of Taipei City Government’s 2022 summer jobs program for targeted college students2022-11-01
4765 Percent of Taipei's Citizens are Satisfied with Urban Aesthetic Improvements2022-10-31
48Electric Scooter Purchase Subsidy Campaign to Conclude at Year’s End2022-10-31
49Finalists Revealed for Taipei Entrepreneurs Hub's Second Pitch Contest with GlobalTown Development and Lion Travel2022-10-28
50Eliahu Inbal will become the Conductor Laureate of Taipei Symphony Orchestra from 2023.2022-10-28
51Trench Bridge Revamped at Guting Riverside Park2022-10-28
52TPEDOIT, Tour Agents Hold Online Conference as Borders Reopen2022-10-28
53TCAPO: Read Animal Adoption Contract Carefully to Avoid Disputes and Show Love and Responsibility2022-10-27
54Mayor Ko Presents Certificate of Gratitude to Director of French Office in Taipei2022-10-27
55The Department of Health, Taipei City Government, Announces Winners of 2022 Food Safety Smile Certification for Night Markets2022-10-27
56Try electronic tax payment, you may be the lucky one to win a gift certificate2022-10-26
57City Establishes First Inter-Generational Education Base in Taiwan2022-10-26
58EasyCard to be Accepted in Okinawa Starting November 72022-10-25
59Restored Qingyunge Mansion Opens to the Public2022-10-24
60TPEDOIT Sets up Booth at ITB Asia2022-10-24