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NO.TitlePublish Date
61The creation of Superficies cases on 6 plots of municipal land, including No. 21, Section 5, Tanmei Section, Neihu District were successfully bid, with the total winning bid royalties amounted to NT$2,084 million !2024-05-09
62The 817th meeting of Taipei Urban Planning Commission will be held on MAY 16, 20242024-05-06
63The Department of Finance, Taipei City Government's land development project of Fubon Art Museum has opened, injecting an international vibes of artistic source into the Xinyi District.2024-05-03
64Warm Mother's Love - Prepare for Disaster Together The Fire Department and the Yongan Village Office jointly hold the Mother’s Gratitude Event and Community Disaster Prevention Carnival2024-05-02
65Sidewalk Enforcement Guidelines in Taipei City2024-05-01
66Current Status of Personnel2024-05-01
67The 4th meeting of Taipei Spatial Planning Committee will be held on May 9, 20242024-04-30
68Police and Fire Integration: Groundbreaking Ceremony on April 12 for the Fire Department Guandu Unit and Guandu Police Station Construction Project2024-04-25
69Upgraded Flood Prevention Services to Protect Vehicles2024-04-25
702024 Taipei Spring Season Codefest Workshop: Making Taipei City Dashboard Ubiquitous2024-04-25
71Taipei’s Tech Triumph: A 16th-Place Finish in the 2024 IMD Smart City Rankings2024-04-25
72The 816th meeting of Taipei Urban Planning Commission will be held on APR.25, 20242024-04-18
73The centralized disbursement service from the Department of Finance of the Taipei City Government saves the amount of paper every 3 years is like a building of Taipei 101, and invites the public to apply for electronic tax bills on Earth Day to save paper together2024-04-18
74Groundbreaking Ceremony for Wanda Line Phase II Tucheng Section 2024-04-17
75The gem-faced civet on MRT track had been successfully rescued.2024-04-15
76Mountain Cleaning and Hiking Activity with Disaster Prevention Carnival2024-04-12
77Get rid of the Mess! Renovate the Riverside of Taipei City! Upgraded Signs Now Available2024-04-11
78The North Side Detention Basin of Shilin Residence Expected to Improve Rainfall Carrying Capacity in Area2024-04-11
79Two new mural artworks on the new embankment in Taipei are in different styles to draw attention2024-04-11
80【3D Theater】Nature’s Hidden Kingdom2024-04-08