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Taipei City Government Domestic Violence and Family Affairs Prevention Service Center at District Court

About Us
In order to carry out the protections of victims of Domestic Violence and the rights and interests of the minors, and help the litigant deal with the family cases appropriately. We established “A Service for victims of Domestic Violence” at Taiwan Shilin District Court and Taiwan Taipei District Court in 2002. In 2015, we combine “Family Cases Service Center”, set up
“Deal with Domestic Violence and Family Case Service Center”.
We will provide legal consultation and social welfare resources services to litigants of domestic violence,family cases and theirs family member dedicatedly,no matter their gender, social class, ethnic group or nationality. We hope the clients can achieve the power and information equality in proceedings, and get support and assistance instantly and perfectly.
Our target clients
The litigants or theirs family members in Taipei city who have been confront with domestic violence, civil protection order, divorce cases (include alimony case), the rights and obligations of minors’ cases.
Our services
1. Explain judicial procedures and legal consultation services.
2.Prepare for go to the court and accompany in court.
3.Prepare for mediation and accompany in mediation.
4. Assess the risk of domestic violence and study out security plan.
5.Provide emotional care, support and accompaniment.
6. Assess the needs of social welfare resources, connect and
referral what they need.