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Department for Youth in Taipei City Officially Opens: Promoting Youth Slash Career Store Trial Run, Weekend Parent-Child Experience Draws Crowds

On the first day of its official establishment, the Department for Youth of Taipei City Government launched the "Youth Slash Career Store Trial Run." This initiative provides display space in the Department for Youth building, creating a "proof of concept" area for slash youth to showcase handmade products or services. During the trial run, five youth teams were invited to present their slash brand concepts and related issues to Mayor Chiang Wan-an, Commissioner Wei Yin, and other distinguished guests. Following the opening tea party, the first parent-child experience activity began, drawing large crowds and filling the second-floor space of the Department for Youth.

Commissioner Wei Yin stated that Taipei is a diverse city with many imaginative and creative "city makers." Multiple identities, interdisciplinary slash careers, and diverse skill development have become new career trends. To support diverse career development for youth and encourage them to continue focusing on urban issues and taking action, the Department for Youth launched the "Youth Slash Career Store Experimental Project." During the trial run, from June 1 to June 30 on weekends, the focus will be on wooden stalls and green handicraft activities. This initiative aims to leverage the weekend parent-child crowds at the Department for Youth venue, providing exposure opportunities for the urban issues and brands advocated by the youth, while promoting multi-functional development through the actions of slash youth.

The youth teams participating in this trial run include "Urban Earthworm Farmers," which focuses on environmental education and sustainable living; "Unlimited Creativity of Good Forest," which started as a social housing youth innovation household promoting urban gardens; "Co-Farming Era," which addresses themes like urban farming, green care, and food education; "Wild Little Flying Fish," a transition from fashion design to community work; and "No Attempt Workshop," which focuses on social labeling issues and emphasizes that nothing is impossible to try. These five teams, centered on green living and urban integration, presented their brand concepts to Mayor Chiang and experienced the various products developed by the Youth Slash Career Store. Mayor Chiang was very impressed by the creativity and passion of modern young people in addressing social issues and looks forward to the Department for Youth continuing to rally slash youth, creating more opportunities for them through creative actions, and injecting youthful vitality into Taipei City.

The Department for Youth announced that during the weekends in June, the Youth Slash Career Store trial run will continue to offer three handicraft experience activities: "Plant Decoupage" (June 15, 2 PM), "Plant Printing" (June 22, 2 PM), and "Floating Aquatic Plant Bottles" (June 29, 2 PM). These activities will take place on the second floor of the Department for Youth building (No. 17, Section 1, Ren’ai Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City). Led by talented slash youth, participants will learn about plants in their surroundings and the miniature underwater world, experiencing the warmth of handmade crafts and the joy of creation. The events are free with limited spots, and interested adults and children are welcome to sign up and join the collaborative creation at the Department for Youth in Taipei City!

**Contact Person: Ming-ze Yang, Department for Youth, Taipei City Government, 0928-531398**