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German-educated Musician Takes Over as Principal Conductor of TCO

New principal conductor to lead TSOTaipei Chinese Orchestra (TCO) announced that German-educated musician Chang Yu-an will take over as principal conductor starting May 2022.
Former principal conductor Qu Chun Quan, who served as the head of the orchestra since January 2013, has left his post at the end of 2021. Qu led TCO in the planning of numerous music program spanning traditional opera to classic Chinese music to pop music adaptations. After leaving his post, Qu continues to work with TSO as honorary conductor cum honorary artistic advisor.
TCO initiated the search for a new principal director in October 2021. The selection committee comprises music industry experts, the general director of TSO, the concertmaster of TSO, and members of the orchestra. Chang successfully emerged as the new principal director and will begin working on plans for upcoming music festivals between 2022 and 2025.
Raised in Penghu, Chang’s first encounter with traditional instruments occurred during his years at Magong High School. He studied under professor Apo Ching-hsin Hsu at National Taiwan Normal University’s Department of Music. At Hochschule fuer Musik Hanns Eisler in Berlin, he worked for his Master and Meisterklasse degree under professor Christian Ehwald and professor Hans-Dieter Baum.
In August of 2019, Chang made his Tanglewood debut with Boston Symphony Orchestra and led four subscription concerts in Boston Symphony Hall in January 2020. He also served twice as guest conductor at TSO-organized concerts and left a positive impression among orchestra members and the audience.