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Taipei Broadcasting Station’s “Good Guoyue in Taipei” Wins 2024 Gracie Award Showcasing Taipei’s Achievements in Gender Equality to the World

On June 18, the Alliance for Women in Media (AWM) held the 49th Annual Gracie Awards Luncheon in New York City. Taipei Broadcasting Station’s program “Good Guoyue in Taipei” (臺北好國樂) stood out among global competitors and won the “Non-English Program - [Radio - Local]” category. Host Mali Liu and Deputy Station Director Pei-Wei Lee accepted the award on behalf of the Taipei Broadcasting Station, highlighting Taipei City’s efforts in promoting gender equality.


The Gracie Awards, established by AWM in 1975, celebrate the exceptional accomplishments of women in media and entertainment. These awards aim to foster diversity and amplify women’s impact in the media industry. This year’s recipients include former U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama, actress Nicole Kidman, etc.


Taipei Broadcasting Station made its debut at the Gracie Awards this year. The winning entry, hosted by Mali Liu, was the program “Good Guoyue in Taipei,” which competed in the “Non-English Program - [Radio - Local]” category. The featured segment, titled “We Can Do It,” was specially produced in support of National Women Support Women Day. It showcased 11 renowned female composers from Taiwan and abroad, sharing their stories of overcoming obstacles and discovering their unique compositional styles, encouraging women to boldly pursue a fulfilling life.


Mali Liu, a recipient of three Golden Bell Awards and holder of a Ph.D. in Music from National Taiwan Normal University, has dedicated her professional career to promoting Taiwan on the global stage through music. She stated, “Radio and music are my channels for artistic expression. Empowering female composers has long been my mission. With ‘Good Guoyue in Taipei,’ my goal is to spotlight the achievements and contributions of talented female music creators to a wider audience.”


According to Pei-Wei Lee, Taipei Broadcasting Station collaborated with the Taipei Chinese Orchestra to produce the “Good Guoyue in Taipei” program, a professional program aiming to introduce Chinese orchestra music in depth. The show has invited renowned musicians from various genres to discuss the uniqueness of Chinese orchestra music and perform live, seeking to enhance the appreciation and promotion of Chinese orchestra music across Taiwan. Specifically, this award-winning program leveraged the use of music to draw attention to gender issues, showcasing the station’s commitment to social concerns.


As of this year (2024), “Good Guoyue in Taipei” has been renamed “Wonder in Sizhu” (絲竹漫遊), airing every Sunday at 10 p.m. Taipei Broadcasting Station designs its programs to cater to different age groups and communities, featuring lifestyle information and popular music. The station also broadcasts important Taipei City news daily and has launched the “T Radio” online radio station (tradio.gov.taipei) this year. Listeners can access various programs broadcast by Taipei Broadcasting Station over the past year, including the award-winning “Good Guoyue in Taipei,” making it convenient for overseas listeners to tune in. For the latest program updates, visit the “Taipei Broadcasting Station” Facebook page (www.facebook.com/FM93.1AM1134/).

/001/Upload/464/relpic/31011/9238430/c327fb90-77c6-473d-8eb7-ac55a3b64e88.jpgHost Mali Liu (left) and Deputy Station Director Pei-Wei Lee (center) pose with this year's Gracie Award presenter, ABC News program host Deborah Roberts (right).

/001/Upload/464/relpic/31011/9238430/2ba255ea-5e12-4378-a8f1-e9c17b5fd43d.jpgHost Mali Liu (left) and Deputy Station Director Pei-Wei Lee (right) pose with this year's Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Suzyn Waldman (center), who was inducted into the Broadcasting Hall of Fame in 2022.

/001/Upload/464/relpic/31011/9238430/27a9644a-39b5-48c9-9f19-41a6b79543ac.jpgHost Mali Liu (fifth right) and Deputy Station Director Pei-Wei Lee (fourth right) pose with the awardee this year, showcasing women's influence in media.

/001/Upload/464/relpic/31011/9238430/03e94d02-c2fd-41fe-82a8-6f5d53c96d9c.jpgDuring the New York visit for the awards, they also met with Director Chang Hui-chun of the Taipei Cultural Center in New York (center), who expressed gratitude to Taipei Broadcasting Station for bringing honor to Taiwan.