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Taipei Twin Towers C1/D1 Growth Diary Preview

With a “National Gateway, Capital Landmark” concept, construction of the Taipei Twin Towers C1/D1 development high-rise building has been in full swing ever since the hosting of the column erection ceremony on November 14, 2023. Furthermore, in the future it will become Taipei City center’s most critical hub. With eager anticipation from the outside world, DORTS specially produced a video to enable the public to gain an understanding of the construction progress of this development project. 

(Video link: https://youtu.be/8yDixvZDC7k?si=tSD5uxmqeRdlG1n1)

DORTS pointed out that following the column erection construction for C1/D1 development high-rise building last year, in order to share key moments of this “massive building rising from the earth,” DORTS has guided everyone to experience the excitement of the growth of C1/D1 development high-rise building with a time-lapse video. The video begins with the image of the first steel beam being hoisted, which is symbolic of the commencement of the first day of construction. DORTS further elaborated that C1/D1 development high-rise building is under continual construction, and this year, the hoisting of steel structures in the work area will be successively implemented along with the tower crane assembly and other works. It is anticipated that the two skyscrapers will soon be visible, and that Taipei Promenade, the multi-functional garden terrace, and the other buildings will be completed one after another.   

DORTS stated that the C1 high-rise building will be 55 floors tall, and the D1 high-rise building will be 74 floors tall. Moreover, with the advantages of the six railways co-constructed structure, it will connect with common cultural living circles in the Beimen and Dadaocheng old town areas. Upon completion it will provide an estimated 16,000 employment opportunities and yield an economic output value of over NT$100 billion. DORTS anticipates that the construction of the C1/D1 development high-rise building will be capable of stimulating living circles in the vicinity and create a new look for Taipei City through the integration of technological progress and historical heritage.

Owing to the complexity of traffic routes in the vicinity, DORTS emphasized that in addition to the necessity of fully considering safety, for the overall C1/D1 development project, the impact of construction of people’s daily lives must be kept to a minimum. DORTS will assist the team in fully applying themselves to complete the project on schedule and in accordance with high quality standards. DORTS further mentioned that through the combined efforts of public-private partnerships, in the future the rich historical and cultural heritage of C1/D1 development high-rise building is certain to become an international attraction and a new source of pride for Taiwan.