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Class Helps Train City Staff for Mission to Protect Trees

Participants learn how to set up support beam for treesWith the typhoon season just around the corner, the Parks and Street Lights Office (PSLO) organized the Typhoon Response Training and Seminar Session on May 5, targeting staff members from agencies including the Department of Environmental Protection, district offices, and borough chief offices.
According to Captain Hu from the PSLO Horticultural Engineering Team, the training program comprised hands-on exercises such as installing tree support beams and using chainsaws to cut fallen branches. The coursework seeks to educate the trainees on disaster prevention knowledge and strengthen their understanding on the emergency SOPs of the respective agencies.
The participants received instructions on how to trim trees with branches torn off during storms and how to judge the survival rate of downed trees - especially those that have fallen onto thoroughfares or walkways which may endanger the safety of residents.
PSLO pointed out that Taiwan lies on the paths of major typhoons and faces an average of three to four typhoons each year. Strong typhoons not only threaten the livelihood of citizens, but may also cause significant damage through heavy rain and landslides. There are even ones with exceptionally fierce winds that uproot a significant number of trees, hampering traffic flow and threatening public safety.
In the interest of preparing ahead of typhoon season, PSLO began the trimming and pruning process for roadside trees to make it easier for winds to pass through, as well as allowing these trees to grow and absorb nutrients more effectively. At the same time, such actions also help to reduce the chances of abnormal shedding of leaves and fruits, as well as keeping to environment clean and reducing the risk of parasitical infection.