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New Audiovisual Center to be Built on Site of Former Movie Studio

Visions of the future audiovisual park The construction of a new audiovisual park has been planned for the site housing the former Chinese Culture and Music Center in Beitou District. The Parks and Street Lights Office (PSLO) pointed out that the new facility will merge with nearby Xinxing Park to form a space combining outdoor greens with the historical motion picture company headquarter.

According to the agency, the site is located near MRT Fuxinggang Station and the Political Warfare Cadres Academy of the National Defense University. While most locals recall the site as a major motion picture studio where numerous local films were shot, it was also a horse racing venue during the Japanese Colonia Era and a military academy in later periods. With the closing of the studio in 1995, the facility has not been utilized for decades.

Hoping to readapt the facility to contemporary needs, the PSLO is organizing a public meeting to discuss plans for the area with local residents. Deputy Director Tseng of PSLO pointed out that the site is situated inside Taipei’s L-shaped cultural creativity corridor. By connecting with Beitou’s neighborhoods and culture assets in the vicinity, the new facility will serve as a foundation where the Department of Cultural Affairs can introduce software and hardware to promote urban activities in the future, thereby attracting visitors to come, visit, and stay, further stimulating local developments.

Tseng added that the site’s A studio and recording room have been declared historical buildings in 2017. In addition to improving the surroundings of the site, the project also attempts to reconnect the former movie studio with the community, paving the way to more possibilities in the future.

Current plans for the audiovisual center include 3 major sections: a “Welcome Plaza/Greens,” “Story Dream Factory/Creativity Corner,” and “Community Leisure Gallery.” Hopefully, through the input of community members at the upcoming meetings, the authority will be able to incorporate local ideas to fine tune details, ensure the results will meet the expectations of locals.