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The TCG actively promoted investment and reduced debt by NT$14.9 billion , achieving the goal of per capita debt of less than $30,000 !

After Taipei Mayor Chiang, Wan-an took office, he actively promoted various construction projects,and it not only focuses on development and investment promotion, but also prudently controls debt and continues to reduce debt based on the principles of fiscal discipline. In May 2024, the debt was repaid and the debt was reduced by NT$4.9 billion. Since taking office, the cumulative debt reduction has been NT$14.9 billion. The actual outstanding debt balance dropped from NT$89.8 billion when Mayor Chiang took office at the end of 2022 to NT$74.9 billion,it is estimated that debt interest expenses can be reduced by nearly NT$100 million, and the per capita debt has also dropped significantly from NT$36,300 to NT $29,850, achieving the goal of per capita debt of less than NT$30,000!

Hu Hsiao-Lan, the commissioner of the Department of Finance, said that The TCG self-financing resources amount to more than NT$110 billion, and its ratio of annual revenue has always ranked highest among the municipality. In 2023, TCG not only won the investment title with a performance of NT$27 billion, but also actively promoted investment to increase revenue and reduce expenditures in 2024, including the  investment and assistance contract of "The Urban Renewal Project of 22 lands, including Parcel 188, 4th Subsection, Xinhai Section, Daan District in Taipei City" led by Department of Finance (DOF), TCG, was signed in March 2024. In addition, the creation of superficies cases on 6 plots of municipal land, including no.21,Section 5, Tanmei Section, Neihu District, were successfully bid with the total winning bid royalities amount to NT$2.084 billion, and the contract signing of project is expected to be completed in June. Director Hu further stated that through various investment promotions, private funds are effectively guided into construction and development, so that the TCG can not only obtain stable financial resources to support major expenditures such as MRT, transportation, social welfare, and market reconstruction, but also It can effectively improve the city appearance and landscape, and strive to ensure that the people feel the governance.

The Department of Finance further indicated that the TCG will continue to use various financial strategies flexibly to improve financial and debt management efficiency, and control and reduce debt in accordance with the provisions of The Public Debt Act to accelerate the construction and development of Taipei City, maintain financial stability , and build the city of Safety,Fitness,and Future.