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DOH: Taipei City’s COVID Update for May 22

medical staff at NTUH CEOC The Department of Health (DOH) reported a total of 9,645 new domestic COVID-19 cases for Taipei City on May 22. As of May 21, there are a total of 5,7614 COVID patients under stay-at-home care, and 19,808 individuals under managed home isolation.
The MRT Muzha Depot COVID Emergency Outpatient Clinic (CEOC) performed PCR screening for 1,040 people, with 974 testing positive and 833 people picking up medication. The Beitou-Shilin Technology Park CEOC performed PCR screening for 1,534 people, with 1,344 testing positive and 1,295 individuals picking up medication. The Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall CEOC performed PCR screening for 1,758 people, and NTUH Stadium CEOC performed PCR screening for 103 people. Those planning to visit CEOC should book online beforehand before traveling to the facility.
DOH reminds people testing positive on home kits to visit CEOC. Those above 65 and individuals who tested positive while under home isolation, home quarantine, or home health monitoring should utilize telecare. Those unable to access telecare can seek the help of relatives or friend who are not under isolation or quarantine by asking them to visit hospitals or clinics on the patient’s behalf. The individual should bring the patient’s test strip and NHI Card (placed in a zipper bag for safety purposes) for doctor’s assessment and prescription.
Currently, there are 26 CEOCs in Taipei City, including 6 CEOC for kids 12 and under (Taipei City Hospital [TCH] Heping Fuyou Branch, MacKay Memorial Hospital, and Taipei Veterans General Hospital); youths 18 or under (NTU Hospital, Shin Kong Hospital, and Taipei Medical University Hospital); and people with positive rapid test results seeking PCR screening via scheduled appointment (TCH Renai Branch, Zhongxiao Branch, Zhongxing Branch, Heping Branch, Yangming Branch, Wanfang Hospital, Taipei Guandu Hospital, Tri-service General Hospital, Cathay General Hospital, MacKay Memorial Hospital, Taipei Veterans General Hospital, NTU Hospital, Shin Kong Hospital, Taipei Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Cheng Hsin General Hospital, Taipei Medical University Hospital, Taiwan Adventist Hospital, Tri-service General Hospital Songshan Branch, West Garden Hospital, and Pojen General Hospital).
Another reminder is that MRT Muzha Depot CEOC, Beitou-Shilin Technology Park CEOC, CKS Memorial Hall CEOC, and NTUH Stadium CEOC only provides PCR screening service for those under 65 with no need for antiviral pills.
For COVID-19 antiviral drugs, patients can utilize channels such as telecare for those under home isolation, CEOC, or prescription secured with the help of relative or friend bringing patient’s test strip to outpatient clinic. The NHI card must be processed and bill paid at the hospital counter before picking up the medication. Those who are unable to pick up medication on their own can either have their relative or friend pick it up or arrange delivery via community pharmacies.
Individuals who exhibit symptoms such as fever, throat pain, cough, or runny nose should utilize a home kit first before visiting CEOC’s. If the result is positive, he or she should comply with the following:

  • Book an appointment for PCR test with CEOC
  • Wear face mask at all times and avoid public transportation. Either walk, ride a motorcycle, drive, or have a friend or relative drive you to the facility
  • Bring your NHI card and test strip (placed in zipper bag) with you
  • Individuals who experience short breaths, hard of breathing, continuous chest pain, feinting, or pale skin/lips/fingernails should call 119 immediately
  • When taking the PCR test, remember to update and confirm mobile phone number with onsite staff. This ensures that you receive the test result promptly and establishes a channel of communication for follow-ups with health authorities.
  • When submitting your personal data via “Confirmed Patient Voluntary Contact-tracing System”, make sure that the information you’ve provided is correct. If you need to make changes, only one attempt is allowed via the original link and only within 24-hours after submission.
  • The current definition of close contacts is limited to those residing at the same place as the patient. The certificate of home isolation is only available to the patient and his/her family member who lives in the same home (or roommates in the case of college students). In the case where the patient is underaged, the education authority is responsible for providing pandemic care leave papers for his or her caretaker. The paper is needed when applying for caretaking leaves.
For those testing negative or ones who do not show symptoms, DOH reminds them to follow the guidelines posted by the Taiwan Center for Disease Control and continue to practice safety measures. People without symptoms should avoid visiting community PCR testing sites and hospital emergency rooms. For more information, please call Taipei’s pandemic prevention hotline (02-2375-3782) or the 1999 Citizens’ Hotline.