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「2024 Taipei Architecture Renovation Award」will begin its call for submissions, with a total prize of NT$300,000. Inviting old buildings renovation experts to sign up!

The “2024 Taipei Architecture Renovation Award” ,  organized by the Taipei City Urban Regeneration Office, will begin to accept application from May 20th. Regardless of the building age, scale or style, we invite renovated old buildings that open imagination and express creativity in Taipei city. The Committee of Taipei Architecture Renovation will select three works which show the most innovation and social impact of the year, and award them “ the Jury Grand Prize” and NT$100,000  .“Taipei Architecture Renovation Award”will keep leading this society with a sense of creativity.

Taipei City Urban Regeneration Office stated that renovate old buildings is an important measure for passing down urban cultural memory. The renovation of old buildings can enhance the historical value of the buildings, also revitalize the urban landscape through the power of regeneration and creativity. It allows old buildings to show their charm again and get blended into nowadays city life.“The Taipei Architecture Renovation Award ”, founded in 2001, has accepted nearly 1,000 applications . These works demonstrate the attributes of the old buildings as well as create an unique sense of city. These works can also lead other old buildings in Taipei to a more flexible and sustainable development . Moreover, they also provide possibilities and imagination of the renovation and use of old buildings for citizens in Taipei. 

This year, "Taipei Architecture Renovation Award " will continue using the four core values, which are innovative enhancement, life imagination, social co-benefit, and sustainability as clues for exploring renovated buildings. The committee will select 3 Jury Grand Prizes, 10 BEST 10 entries, and 1 Renovation and Maintenance Special Award to promote outstanding works of turning old buildings into lifely mordern spaces.

The submission of the "2024 Taipei Architecture Renovation Award " is from May 20th to June 20th. Space operators, designers, and construction units are all welcome to participate this event . For more information of the award please visit the official website of the Taipei Architecture Renovation Award (https//www.taipeiface.com/2024/), search Taipei Architecture Renovation Award on Facebook, or contact Ms. Lin at Left Brain Marketing Communication Ltd. 02-2356-0870 ext. 76.