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Taipei and New Taipei Collaborate to Building the Future Perspective

The 2021 Mayor meeting for the Taipei-New Taipei Collaboration and Exchanges Platform (hereinafter referred to as “the Taipei-New Taipei Platform”)  was held at the Wugu Greenland Park in New Taipei City today (March 29, 2021). Presided over by Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-Je and New Taipei City Mayor Hou Youyi, the Meeting reviewed the progress and results of recent collaborative projects one by one.
The Platform so far has successfully pushed 154 projects forward in total since 2015. 125 projects have been completed and 29 are still ongoing. The meeting closely went through the ongoing projects to ensure progress. Two cities jointly solve the problems encountered in the municipal administration by collaboration.

“Politics is to be implemented in people’s lives every day,” Mayor Ko insisted on the value. The two cities’ collaboration has been Ko’s top priority,  He has delivered multiple times that expectation of the Taipei-New Taipei Platform operation mechanism could provide better services to citizens of the two cities. Mayor Ko said that it was extremely difficult for two cities to continue to work together on various municipal issues under the Coronavirus pandemic. For example, the registration system for street performers was implemented on March 1 this year, which resolved the inconsistency of registration qualifications, conditions, and validity of street performers in the three cities in the Greater Taipei area. Moreover,at the end of last year, the two cities jointly bid for an international comprehensive sports event with two cities-the World Masters Games 2025, and decided to win the right to host it for the first time. This is another time for the two Taipei cities to work together for international sports events after the Universiade 2017. Mayor Ko also shared Taipei City’s ideas and plans for digital transformation of cities and industries in the post-pandemic era by presenting the "Taipei City White Paper on Industrial Digital Transformation Policies in the Post-epidemic Era" to New Taipei City.

In terms of the promotion of the cooperation cases of the topic group, five cases have reached the stage goals: Bus Cost Review and Regular Review Mechanism for Tariff Adjustments, Jointly Implement Two Taipei Wholesale Market Supplier Code Real-Name System, Expansion of Cooperation Cases for Disability Visits Across Jurisdictions, Taipei Fun Pass Attractions Cooperation and Integration Case, and Two Taipei Cities Co-Promote the Taipei CooC-Cloud Online School Curriculum Cooperation Program for a Diversified Digital Learning Environment, etc.These achievements are the result of the long-term efforts of various bilateral agencies.
The pandemic has changed our lives. The two cities will continue to pay attention to the citizens’ need, uphold the concept of co-prosperity and coexistence, and create a more convenient and prosperous future for citizens.