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The Inauguration of the Department for Youth of Taipei City Government: A New Chapter in International Engagement

Lee Da-hye is here, Harvard is here! The establishment of the Department for Youth of Taipei City Government pioneers the Global Engagement Division, opening up new international horizons.

To assist the youth of Taipei in their development and provide more convenient and comprehensive services, Taipei Mayor Chiang Wan-an has actively organized the Department for Youth since taking office. With the support of the Taipei City Council, the department was officially established today (1st) with an unveiling ceremony at the Youth Department Building (Y17). The ceremony was attended by Mayor Chiang, Council Speaker Dai Hsi-chin, Deputy Speaker Yeh Lin-chuan, numerous council members,Commissioner Wei Yin of the Department for Youth, heads of various Taipei City Government agencies, and partners from various sectors. Director Yin Wei stated that the Department for Youth is the only youth affairs unit in Taiwan to establish a "Global Engagement Division," marking a new chapter in youth affairs.Lee Da-hye, a member of the WeiChuan Dragons cheerleading team, also attended the event to offer her blessings, symbolizing the future focus on creating international connections for Taipei’s youth. During the press conference, Director Wei Yin announced the launch of the youth internship program in collaboration with Harvard University, officially initiated by the Department for Youth. In addition to "international development," the department will also focus on "career support" and "public participation," further promoting support for youth mental health and housing.

The establishment of the Department for Youth is a commitment by Mayor Chiang and a promise to the citizens. Helping young people is one of his missions in public affairs. During his tenure as a legislator, he was very concerned about youth public issues, hoping to create breakthroughs in the legal environment for youth rights in Taiwan and usher in a new era. In the public domain, Chiang also saw many young people with ideals but limited resources who need more care, support, and assistance. The Taipei City Government aims to be a key partner in accompanying the growth and development of the youth, creating a new landscape for the youth of Taipei. Mayor Chiang expressed his hopes for the newly established Department for Youth with the words, "Together for a better future," looking forward to various sectors coming together to support Taipei's youth and making great strides towards the vision of a city where good horses enjoy good stables.

Commissioner Wei Yin, a seasoned professional in his career, understands the pressures faced by young people in Taipei. Whether it's issues of youth housing or mental health support, he hopes the Department for Youth will play an active role in turning the city's strengths into support for the youth. By introducing external resources and collaborating with various departments, the Department for Youth aims to offer city services that support youth mental health and companionship, leveraging the comprehensive strengths of both public and private sectors to assist and accompany Taipei's youth. Commissioner Wei Yin pointed out that the Department for Youth has established divisions such as the "Global Engagement Division," "Career Support Division," and "Comprehensive Development Division."

 The "Global Engagement Division" is the only one in Taiwan focused on promoting international development and increasing youth international participation. To foster international development and exchange, the Department for Youth plans to invite more international university students for internships, starting with welcoming two interns from Harvard at the end of June. These interns will participate in youth exchange activities in Taipei and engage in policy research and analysis. The goal is to attract young friends from around the world to develop and learn in Taipei, making friends globally.

The Career Support Division will not only provide loan services to reduce the pressure of youth entrepreneurship but also expand the definition of entrepreneurship to include social innovation, innovative startups, public welfare organizations, micro or gig entrepreneurship, fully supporting youth in realizing their dreams with maximum resources and support. To enhance youth public participation, the department will plan various channels for young people to engage in city planning, better understand the diverse aspects of public policy, and translate youth opinions into departmental policies, thus improving youth political efficacy and cultivating talents in democratic governance.

Commissioner Wei Yin also mentioned that today’s event featured the Youth Career Slasher Experimental Store, with stalls from "Urban Worm Farming," "Infinite Creativity Forest," "Co-farming Food Generation," "Wild Little Flying Fish," and "Idle Experimentation," attracting many parents and youths interested in food and agricultural education and social inclusion. The Department for Youth stated that cross-disciplinary slasher work and diversified skills development have become a trend. To support diversified career development for youth, the department has launched the "Youth Slasher Store Experiment Plan," providing opportunities for slasher youth to showcase handmade products or services. During the trial operation, the focus will be on wooden cart stalls and green handcraft activities, leveraging the weekend family crowds to give exposure to city issues advocated by the youth and their brands. Through the actions of slasher youth, the plan aims to cultivate their diverse skills.