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DOL Conducts Pandemic Safety Inspection at Worker Dorms, Construction Sites

DOL staff inspects the working environment at a construction siteA delegation from the Department of Labor arrived at the recycling facility and public housing construction site operated by Chun Yuan Construction Corporation in Xinyi District on May 3. The members inspected the migrant worker dormitory and the pandemic prevention measures enforced by the company.
At the end of the visit, the delegation cited the failure to implement a private restroom for each room, which is mandatory under the one-room-per-worker principle listed in the central government’s workplace COVID prevention guideline. The company has been instructed to carry out improvements within a set deadline.
According to DOL, the agency is conducting a new round of inspection targeting worker dormitories and construction sites of construction companies and manufacturing businesses which employ more than 30 migrant workers.
A major emphasis in the latest round of inspection falls upon the pandemic prevention measures adopted by employers in accordance with the Ministry of Labor’s Guideline for Workplace Safety and Health Protection Measures in Response to Coronavirus. The guidelines require companies to strengthen preventative measures, establish pandemic prevention team leaders, and more.
Labor Commissioner Chen Hsin-yu pointed out that under the aforementioned guideline, if a single factory or workplace discover that 10 or more of its migrant workers contracted COVID-19, the management must report the situation immediately to labor authorities and initiate emergency response sequences. Taipei City Government has already set up LINE groups comprising manufacturing and construction companies, which can be used as a channel of communication to speed up response efficiency during emergencies.
She reminded employers that as companies employing large numbers of migrant workers often settle them in dormitories, a random infection may easily lead to clusters if the required safety measures are not in place. Those who violate the Guideline for Workplace Safety and Health Protection Measures in Response to Coronavirus may be subjected to fines between NT$60,000 and NT$300,000.