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Taipei City Participates in the 2024 Crisis Management Conference, Exchanging Disaster Prevention Experiences with 12 International Cities.

The Taipei City Government, represented by Senior Specialist of the Taipei City Fire Department, Mr. Huang Chien-Hua, attended the "2024 Crisis Management Conference" hosted by Jakarta on May 29th and 30th. Mr. Huang Chien-Hua shared Taipei City's disaster prevention measures and mitigation achievements in response to climate change with other international cities, deepening international cooperation and exchanging experiences.


The Network for Crisis Management was proposed and established by Tokyo, Japan, in 2001. It aims to create a collaborative mechanism among major cities in Asia to collectively address challenges. There are 14 member cities in the network and Taipei City is one of the founding member cities. Through this network, Taipei City actively participates in collaborative activities every year by disaster information sharing, International Urban Search and Rescue (IUSAR) training, Comprehensive Disaster Management Drill, and sending delegates to participate in the Crisis Management Conference. Furthermore, Taipei City has previously hosted the Crisis Management Network Conference in 1994, 2005, and 2021, and will host the disaster prevention training program for Crisis Management Network cities in June, aiming to facilitate the exchange of disaster preparedness knowledge and experience.


There are 12 attending member cities, including Taipei city, Jakarta, Bangkok, Seoul, Tokyo, Singapore, Manila, Kuala Lumpur, Berlin, and New South Wales. The conference began with a welcome address from Heru Budi Hartono, the Acting Governor of Jakarta. The theme of the conference this year is "Strengthening Disaster Resilience in a Global City", covering three sub-topics: " Climate change mitigation and adaptation: Impact of floods and extreme weather", "Disaster Preparedness through Sustainable Urban Planning and Development," and "Crisis Communication Strategies and Collaboration in Disaster Management". The conference focuses on developing comprehensive and specific disaster preparedness measures to address challenges that disasters may pose in an urban environment. It also emphasizes the urgency of formulating collaborative strategies.


Mr. Huang, the Senior Specialist of the Fire Department, shared Taipei City's experience in utilizing smart technology for climate change adaptation actions. Taipei City highlighted its recent efforts and achievements in disaster prevention and relief at the conference. Furthermore, Mr. Huang also invited the member cities to participate in the "2024 CityNet Disaster Cluster Seminar", which will be hosted by the Taipei City Government this year and the "World Masters Games 2025", which will be hosted by the Taipei & New Taipei City Government next year. 

Taipei City is dedicated to developing a diverse smart city by integrating digital technology applications and innovative solutions to enhance the city's disaster resilience and sustainable development capabilities. At the same time, Taipei City continues to engage in exchanges and cooperation with international cities, building strong partnerships to achieve the primary goal of collaborative disaster prevention and response among cities.