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Mickey Mouse tree at the Taipei Collection Botanical Garden.

Do you want to see the Mickey Mouse tree in the Year of the Rat? There is no need to go to Disney, there is Mickey Mouse in the Taipei Collection Botanical Garden waiting for you to see. The scientific name of "Guiye Huangmei" is: Ochna thomasiana, the English name is: Mickey Mouse Plant, Bird's Eye Bush, Thomas' Bird's Eye Bush, the common name is Mickey Mouse Tree. Taipei Collection Botanic Garden opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday 09:00 to 17:00 (closed on Mondays, national holidays or special holidays will be closed), don't miss this opportunity !!

1. MRT bus transfer:
(1) MRT Danshui Line bus transfer (also walkable, about 10 minutes)
MRT Yuanshan Station—Take Hong 34 (Holiday Travel) to [Lin Antai Gucuo] (stop at Binjiang Street)
MRT Yuanshan Station—Take Red 50 to [Xinsheng Park] (stop at Minzu East Road)
MRT Yuanshan Station—Take 542 to [Jilin Road End] (stop at Jilin Road)
(2) MRT Wenhu Line bus transfer:
MRT Dazhi Station—Take Palm 16 to [Xinsheng Park (Lin Antai)] (stop at Songjiang Road near Binjiang Street)
(3) MRT Luzhou Line Bus Interchange
MRT Zhongshan Elementary School Station-take 685 or 606 to [Minzu East Intersection] (stop at Xinsheng North Road near Minzu East Intersection, but only 2 stops, 10 minutes walk)

2. Direct bus:
285, 665, Citizen minibus 9, Red 34 (holiday driving), Red 50 to [Xinsheng Park] (stop at Minzu East Road)
72, 222, Red 34 (Holiday driving), Brown 16, Citizen minibus 9, 527 to [Xinsheng Park (Lin Antai)] (stop at Songjiang Road near Binjiang Street)
542 or Dunhua Main Line to [Jilin Road End] (stop at Jilin Road)
Fuxing Main Line to [Taipei Fish Market] (stop at Minzu East Road)

3. Ride YouBike: From the No. 2 exit of YouBike MRT Yuanshan Station, take the bicycle lane to Lin Antai Gucuo Station.