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Organizations Chart

The Department of Sports under the Taipei City Government is structured into the following divisions and offices:


Planning Division:
To plan and implement the PE and sport policies of Taipei City, to organize grassroots athletes training stations at colleges and schools, to recruit and manage volunteers, to educate and train professional sports managers, to supervise information management, and to conduct research, development, and evaluation.  

Sports Facilities Division:
To plan, construct, manage, and maintain public sports venues and facilities in Taipei City, to establish sets of authoritative regulations, and to supervise the government outsourcing to private corporations. 

Competitive Sports Division:
To bid for, organize, and hold national and international competitions including Asian Games and Olympic Games, to train and assist the selected athletes, and to reinforce the education and application of sports science.

Sports for All Division:
To execute the policy of “Sports for All,” to bid for, organize, and hold international competitions except for Asian Games and Olympic Games, to organize sports events for minority group, to oversee sport development in local communities, to survey and improve the public’s fitness status, and to establish a system of professional counseling.

Association Guidance and City Exchange Division:
To execute Taipei City’s sport policies by collaborating with non-governmental sports organizations, to guide, manage, finance, and evaluate non-governmental sports organizations in Taipei City, and to guide and supervise non-profit organizations.

Sports Industry Division:
To guide and supervise fitness industry and private-owned sports venues and facilities, to mediate consumer disputes, and to encourage the establishment of private-owned sports venues and facilities.   

Administrator Office:
To handle documentation, archives filing, cashier, general affairs, property management, and those responsibilities attributable to no other divisions.

Accounting Office:
To conduct budgeting, accounting, and statistics.      

Personnel Office:
To handle human resource management. 

Government Ethics Office:
To supervise government ethics.Division.
Organizations Chart