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2018 Taipei OEC Open begins on November 11

One of our most expectant events, 2018 Taipei OEC Open, begins in Taipei Arena on November 11 to 18. This year we have a list of spectacular participants, like Vitalia Diatchenko, Evgeniya Rodina, Sabine Lisicki and our famous Taiwanese athletes. All these elements make the game worthy to see.




There is also a gala dinner for the athletes on the night of November 12 which is a tradition of Taipei OEC Open for a long time. The gala dinner will definitely catch everybody’s eyes.




2018 Taipei OEC Open is hosted by Department of Sports of Taipei City Government and Chinese Taipei Tennis Association. The competition will also be broadcasted through FTV since semifinals. The audiences can go to the competition for free as long as you bring one receipt with you. Please join us in Taipei Arena and enjoy the game!