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Executive Committee announces spectator policies

With Taipei 2017 Summer Universiade opening in just two days, and water polo, football opening calendars on the 18th, the ticket sale also grew steadily. According to the latest update, both opening ceremony and closing ceremony are sold out. In total, more than 320,000 match tickets were sold as no tickets are available for roller sports, badminton, diving and fencing. Tickets for weightlifting and gymnastics are also going fast with only few left. All tickets are available at ticket kiosk at 7-Eleven, Hi-Life, OK mart convenient stores and official ticket website.
The Executive Committee also called on more than 200 brands and 1,000 vending accesses to offer month-long, none-interrupted shopping campaign. Exclusive offer will be honored at selected participating merchants with the presentation of Universiade tickets. More than 80 food brands have participated the campaign such Pizza stores and fast food chains. Offers are also extended to athletes and coaching crew.
In addition to advance tickets, 10% of the tickets are reserved to be sold on game day with box office opening one hour before the first match of the day. Each person is limited to purchase four tickets. Pre-sale ticket holders are reminded to present ticket order number, photo ID at the box office to pick up your tickets.
All tickets at Universiade are day-tickets without reserved seating. Organizing Committee encourages sports fans to be at the venue early in order to select preferred seats. Box office at all venues open one hour prior to first game of the day.
The Executive Committee also reminds sports fans going to Taipei Gymnasium and Taipei Tennis Center on special seating policies. At Taipei Gymnasium both 1st floor and 7th floor will be open at the same time for preliminary and advanced rounds. Fans are also free to select games to watch at different courts in Taipei Tennis Center. Due to limited seating capacity at different floors, flow control may be initiated when necessary. Audience will be advised to attend less-participated games under certain circumstance.
Executive Committee also announced that no video recorder will be allowed in the venue. Images taken by camera, mobile phones can only be used for personal and non-commercial purpose. In order to promote the safety of the tournament, security check posts are all installed at all venues. Executive Committee encourages the public to abide the security check procedures. The participants are also reminded that lighter, pressured can, selfie stick, bag exceeds 50x50x50cm in size and professional camera equipment are among common prohibited items. For complete prohibited items please check official website of Taipei 2017 Summer Universiade.
Offer Campaign List: http://partner.2017.taipei/offer_list.php
Safety Promotion: https://www.facebook.com/taipei2017/videos/835212536654352
Prohibited Item List: https://data.2017.gov.taipei/001/HamaTestUpload/upload/63637918477165109515022929059853.pdf