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2010 Taipei Rowing Competition at Dajia Riverside Park on April 17th

【Release Date: April 16, 2010】
【Subject:2010 Taipei Rowing Competition at Dajia Riverside Park on April 17th】

【Taipei Report】
Another exciting activity is coming to the city. The Taipei City Government will hold the Taipei Rowing Competition at Dajia Riverside Park this weekend (4/17-4/18). The public is invited to attend rowing games in Dajia River.

To take advantage of water areas, the Taipei City Government has been promoting rowing sports. The Quad competition has been the focus of this promotion since 2004. The competition has gradually expanded with boat house construction, improvement of the river course and water quality improvement. This is 7th consecutive year for the rowing competition. The event is divided into Men’s Open, Women’s Open, Junior Men and Junior Women and ergometer experienced teams.

By holding regular water related events, creating an international riverside attraction and developing the Tansui River, the Taipei City Government intends to create a suitable environment for the public to enjoy events at the waterfront. The coming Taipei Rowing Competition from 4/17-4/18 is just one of the activities planned to encourage use of the riverside.

A combination of competition and leisure is the future trend of international urban sports. It is hoped that this event will show more people the advantages of exercise and water sport appreciation, while creating interest in an underused area of the city. Boating activities are set to add to the uniqueness of Taipei and draw more visitors to the city.
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